Babydoll Lingerie: My Post-Baby Sex Survival Weapon

During the post-baby period, when your body is still recovering from the physical trauma, you feel everything but sexy. Mommies will understand me completely. Stretch marks everywhere, body fat in places where you really don’t want to see it, and no muscle mass because it’s hidden under layers of fat! And while it’s all worth the trouble for having a such an endless source of happiness as Matthew, from a woman’s perspective, all of these changes can result in lower libido and low self esteem. You feel like your desire instantly disappears once you lay an eye on those troublesome areas. And your hubby feels it too, although he may not say it. In fact, it’s not your body changes he’s noticing, but your mood, or more accurately, lack of it.


Since it’s all about making us, women, feel more confident again and we know that women dress to impress, the right pieces of lingerie can really come in handy. So, instead of whining and waiting for everything to come to its place I decided I am going to help myself with some babydoll lingerie.

The babydoll lingerie is perfect for dealing with the post-baby phase of your body – it covers everything you don’t want to see and still makes you look attractive. And, you can find these in so many different designs and choose according to your preferred style, mood, and level of kinkiness.

Besides the fact that it covers your belly and troublesome side areas, the babydoll chemise is a very sexy, fantasy-inspiring piece of lingerie; it covers yet unveils enough to literally blow a man’s mind. Plus, all the fancy designs, the soft and gentle materials and the details make it a piece of lingerie that’s perfect for some sexy role playing.

And not to stop there, wearing babydoll lingerie every night while washing your teeth and cleaning your face, preparing your clothes for the next morning or reading under dimmed lights is a whole different experience for your man. He gets to see his wife in this amazing, sexy, attractive version and be proud that he has a woman who loves herself and her body.

Not to mention the confidence boost you get by wearing the babydoll. Because you don’t see your unwanted areas, you’re not troubled by that kind of thoughts, so you’re able to focus on your sex-appeal, relax, and release your inner goddess in the bedroom.