floating floor

Floating Floor: Get the Look of Wood for Less (Plus No One Will Ever Know)

To welcome this so anxiously awaited spring, I decided to do something about the old floors in my kitchen and living room. You know those large, wall-to-wall rugs are no longer IN, and having old floors that differ from each other in different rooms is just unacceptable. So, a renovation process is on my hands and it starts from the very bottom of it – installing new floors.

Since I don’t have the time to do a major renovation, the option for using floating floor boards came to me as the perfect salvation method at the moment. It sounds very simple, but it’s actually a state of the art option of flooring.

Floating floors are installed on your existing floors, which means there’s no need for them to be nailed or glued to the sub floor – exactly what makes this option so appealing for someone who doesn’t have the time to take off the sub floor, clean everything up and then install a new one. Although floating floor boards are mainly used to enhance dance floors by reducing noise and vibration, they can be used for domestic purposes as well. Which is what I’m doing.

It’s amazing how easier life has become with the invention of e-commerce; you search for everything online without anyone suggesting over your head to buy the most expensive thing in the store. And you get what you want, delivered on your doorstep, ready to use. I searched for floors online, and the offer truly is wide. Of course, with a little research the filtering gave me two acceptable results.

Two things you need to remember when you change your floors; the material and the colour. Especially the colour if you’re planning not to use any rugs. As a major style element, the floor can really do a change; it can either make or break your room’s look. That being said, you can choose between laminate, wood and vinyl flooring from materials, and as for colours, the palette is quite wide. Be careful with black floors or the completely white ones; there are special interior design rules for using these colours on the bottom.

I went with wood floating floor boards as I wanted to add a splash of vintage-y, industrial scent to my space. The small rugs I placed under the coffee table and the dining table enhanced the look perfectly, so now I am all ready to continue with the small details for spring: the colourful pillows, blankets and the flowers.