room with big windows and vertical blinds

Large Windows, No Problem: Three Solutions for Three Common Disadvantages

There’s something about huge windows that makes a property infinitely more attractive to me. Having a glass wall makes a home airier and brighter, inviting more of the natural light in, and it’s a solution that works for big and small homes alike. One additional plus is this kind of feature brings you closer to nature.

Just think, a floor-to-ceiling window doesn’t force you to decorate the home with decoration extras, and at the same time adds tonnes of charm to the interior (bonus points if you have a scenic view). An element like this can equally serve as a window/door option that provides a mix of indoor/outdoor living.

Besides all this, there’s something in it for the eco-conscious, like my dear friend Eliza, as the more you bring the sunlight inside, the less you have to rely on artificial lighting. With this passive solar heat and less temperature fluctuations, comfortable living is a given – more so if we consider the lower electricity bills! Benefits aside, however, there are some issues that people seem to mind with these windows, which are related to privacy, cleanliness, and fogginess. Here are some ways you can deal with them.

Solve Privacy with Vertical Blinds

windows with vertical blinds

The multi-functional and aesthetic window vertical blinds are just what you need to put those privacy worries at ease. Are vertical blinds better? Why, yes. Not only are they made of vertical slats (also known as louvres) of fabric, but they’re also thicker than the traditional horizontal blinds.

They work perfectly because they are connected by weights, which ensures that the entire track is evenly weighted. You can simply adjust the amount of light or privacy you need by tilting and spinning them with a single, user-friendly wand. Although the standard design has chains attached to the slats, for those who think these embellishments are tacky or inappropriate for their décor, there are contemporary vertical blind variants available without them.

Thanks to their specific look, they’re great for any room you can think of (yes, kitchens, bedrooms, dining rooms, and living rooms), and even commercial spaces like offices. They’re equally fit for covering sliding doors, bi-fold doors, and patios, as the secret lies in their slats. They can further be made to measure, as well as adjusted, to fit windows of any length you can think of – so the window vertical blinds aren’t only ideal for huge windows, floor-to-ceiling, window wall home features.

What’s more, there are different options, so you don’t have just one design to choose from. They can be found in outstanding materials like PVC, and based on how much privacy you require, you can select a blackout or translucent option.

Take Care of Cleanliness with Access Tools

Let’s face it, window cleaning isn’t the easiest and most enjoyable chore. The bigger the windows, the more effort it takes, which is why most people get talked out of adding these gorgeous windows to their homes in the first place.

To make things easier and safer access-wise, and to clean every bit of the glass surface, it’s best to count on access tools like step stools and ladders. You don’t have to get the tallest designs—choose something more to the height of the windows and something that wouldn’t cause you trouble to get on and get off. To be on the safe side, my advice would be to pick one of each: the stool for easier-to-reach spots and the stable and supportive ladder for the not-so-easy-to-reach spots.

While we’re at chores, when freshening up the windows and doing much-needed spring cleaning, don’t overlook the blinds vertical blinds may appear as though they attract less dirt and dust, but they could still do with a bit of dusting and washing. For a more thorough refreshment, get on that ladder, and remove the chains, weights, and slats one by one to take care of each, or that one specific one that has a stain, for example.

A soft, damp cloth and mild detergent are all you’re going to need to give them a new look. Don’t forget to dab the cloth to remove excess moisture and speed up the drying. Once cleaned, set them in a place to allow them to air dry, and once completely dry, you can put them back on.

Treat Fogginess with Sealing

sun going trough vertical blinds

The breathtaking views that surround you may be gone within an instant due to fogging when the outside temperatures drop. This is due to the moisture from the air inside escaping through the glass, mixing with the cold air from the outside, resulting in condensation.

Regularly opening the window to bring in fresh air and improving the ventilation at home could certainly work, but if you’re thinking of a long-term solution, then it’s best to consider doing an annual reseal to keep the windows airtight. This is a decision that can further benefit your household, as it’s also bound to improve overall energy efficiency.