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Cute Overalls: Must-Have Items for a Little One’s Wardrobe

Preparing for the arrival of a newborn in the family is never an easy undertaking. This may sound somewhat discouraging for new parents but it’s all part of taking up the role of a mother or father. I’d like to tell you that it gets easier as they grow up, but it doesn’t. The secret is we become more experienced as parents, and as a result, wiser so the experience is a little less stressful eventually.

When you’re new to the whole world of a newborn, and baby must-haves, even something as simple as shopping for clothes can turn into a burden. The range of options of brands, the variety of items, their designs, styles, prices, and fabrics, doesn’t make it any easier for a parent, so from one experienced mother to another (or a father), if there’s one item that I found to be highly useful (as useful as the quintessential onesie), it’s the overall.

Are Overalls Good for Babies?

overalls baby
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As the practical and stylish pieces they are, comfortable overalls baby designed can turn into a parent’s favourites of their bub’s whole wardrobe. It’s no secret little ones tend to stain their clothes a lot, and by a lot I mean ending up changing their attire multiple times a day sometimes, so you need something that’s easy to put on and take off with a convenient snap leg opening feature.

These items are just as great for quick nappy changes when you’ve got a fussy bub, impatient to eat or play. The practical pieces of clothing they are, worn over other clothes such as onesies, for example, they can further provide a layer of protection for the rest of the outfit from stains. Also in terms of protection, when it’s the long pant leg design, you have an added layer of protection for the little legs that do a great deal of crawling.

With the loose and relaxing fit, the flexible overalls baby design is perfect for allowing movement without any restrictions, so your energetic toddler can move around and develop without feeling held back. Unlike wearing bottoms that have elastic bits or belts to keep them in place, with the overall there’s no pain or discomfort that would affect the thoracic development and growth, thus the lungs will develop properly. It also doesn’t affect their food intake as there’s no restriction to the stomach area.

More on the benefits, when a little one’s focus is on the playtime, moving around with the toys, the bottoms can lower down exposing the belly to the cold floors or playmats. When there’s a baby overall worn as the outer layer, there’s no worry this would affect their play, or health for that matter. And, another reason why I loved these cute baby items is the fact they can be used and reused even as your bub grows, thanks to the chance to adjust the design to fit the new height.

How to Choose the Perfect Overalls?

overalls baby
Source: Pexels

Before you rush into making your baby look like it’s going to a runway, remember that it’s about the quality and comfort above all. With so many options of newborn overalls to choose from, you won’t be wrong in focusing primarily on the fabric as the delicate skin requires all the softness.

Luckily, there are plenty of designs nowadays made from natural fabrics like organic cotton, organic wool, and organic bamboo, so it’s never been easier to make the right choice. Cotton and bamboo are great as year-round choices, whereas wool is the no-brainer pick for the cold days. In addition to being perfect for thermoregulation, breathability, and comfort for your bub, these three options are also highly durable and can withstand a great deal of wear and tear from staining, playing, and washing.

After you’ve taken care of this crucial factor, then you can move on to the aesthetic of the designs, looking into aspects like style, colour, and pattern. As style is the focus of many mums (who could blame you), you can treat your little fashionista with the perfect outfits by planning them in your mind first and foremost with considering what you can combine a specific overall.

A simpler design that doesn’t call for too much attention with the looks works just fine for home use, while something more modern and stylish is the ideal option for the days out when you want a little dressier choice. Combine them with shirts, onesies, cute footwear, or even accessories like burp cloths, headbands and bows, hats, and socks and have fun mixing and matching them in colour and pattern.

In case you’re buying an adjustable design the little one can wear as he or she grows, it’s advisable to focus more on the style in particular to ensure it will be something you’d be happy with even after months and trends change. A little planning goes a long way!