Doll House

Doll House – Which One to Choose

When Matthew gets sick, I spend so much time worrying and trying to make him feel better that all those unwanted kilograms just melt away! Well, at least something good comes out of it. This time, my little niece who suffers from allergies, had a severe episode; she ended up hospitalized and scared me so much that at one point I could swear I saw a white hair on my head. So when my sister called and said she was OK but had to be kept in hospital for a few days for safety reasons, that was it – I decided to visit her.

I can’t stand seeing little kids in hospitals; that picture makes me so emotional and sad. Those little souls and bodies struggling instead of being outside playing and screaming of happiness and joy look so helpless in there. Having in mind that my little M is in that situation now, I decided I was going to put a smile on that heavenly face of hers when I see her. And the best way to put a smile on a little girl’s face: a doll house! M loves her little Barbies, dolls, and other figurines; she makes up stories about them, takes care of them and buys them stuff – cars, houses, clothes even! Ah, the beauties of childhood.

So, aunty Jade went on a mission: picking the perfect doll house for little miss M. Now, you may think that a doll house is easy to pick: pink, large, fully equipped with all the little beds, sofas, tables and everything else a little house for dolls should contain; but you are so wrong. That world of colourful toys is so vast! You’d enter in the store all excited and ready to finish in minutes just to end up exiting after an hour or more, completely lost, holding in your hands something that you totally didn’t plan on buying. Yup, toys do that to adults. After considering this as a possible outcome of my treasure hunt through the largest toys store in town, I decided I was going to make a plan before I go for it. Here are the picks I concentrated on.


The Hove Wooden Toy Play DollHouse with Accessories

This little doll house is the type of toy you fall in love with because it’s small, practical and it is kind of a pink, fancy box that your girl can carry around with her! It’s made of a carefully picked type of timber and the furniture elements are designed to fit perfectly in the two floored house. Your girl needs just a few little figurines and a story-supported play will soon be on!

The Melissa & Doug Classic Heirloom Victorian DollHouse

This one is a little more on the fancier side of toys; it’s interior and exterior designs are so appealing, they are nothing you’d probably expect to see in a doll house. Very elegant and classy, I’d choose this one as the type of toy I’d exhibit in M ‘s room; I know she won’t keep her hands off of it and would like to play with it all the time.

The Melissa & Doug Deluxe Wooden Furnished DollHouse

Think a combination of elegance and sophistication on a childish scale; that’s how I would describe this house. There’s no pink colour on it, so it can freely pass as a toy for both girls and boys. At first sight, you may think it’s the type of toy grandparents would choose for entertaining their grandchildren, but it doesn’t have to mean anything like that; since the house is made out of solid wood, you can let your kids be creative and paint it!

The Guidecraft Grand Victorian Dollhouse

I want M to be well familiarized with famous world history; it may never serve her any purpose, but it will develop her imagination, creativity and thinking abilities. So I chose this Victorian style doll house that looks a lot like a large Victorian castle. It’s made of unfinished birch which offers the opportunity to personalize it by painting it. Simply perfect.