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Building Up Your Shoe Closet: How to Choose Comfy Footwear

Okay, I know I’m no Carrie Bradshaw, but I still pride myself on my shoe collection. If you ask my husband, I have far too many pairs than I actually need, but I beg to differ. Truth is, I did some spring cleaning in my shoe closet last year and donated or tossed out of all the uncomfortable footwear, so I had to focus on rebuilding my collection.

So, basically, my motto was “out with the old, in with the new”. And the whole process happened by finding replacements from the modern range of women’s comfy shoes. Who would have thought that you’ll get comfort by looking for comfort? Oh, and style too. Unlike years ago when comfort was viewed as something not necessarily stylish, things are quite different now that such footwear is synonymous with fashion.

If the thought of “lack of stylishness” is what prevents you from adding changes in your collection, you’ve got nothing to be afraid of! Before I move onto how to build your collection by sharing my experience, I have to point out the importance to take good care of the shoes you choose, so as to prolong their lifespan preventing any damages and clutter.

cleaning sandals

I store mine neatly in the specialised closet after every use, not without having wiped them first to remove dust and debris from outside. This saves me from a lot of cleaning afterwards and sets a good example for my son when it comes to chores! Now then, let’s look into the ways you can pick your comfy footwear!

The Type of Shoes You’re After

A year ago when I started looking for comfort without knowing what I was after, the result was confusing as one might expect. As soon as I realised where the fault was, I changed the strategy: prior to the browsing, I know which type of footwear I’m interested in.

For instance, I don’t buy sneakers or any other type when I’m in need of the kind of boots that can change my life, even when I come across attractive models and low prices that truly grab my attention. This saves me from unnecessary expenses and impulse purchases.

The Properties You’d Do Well With

Just because some pair of shoes is known to be comfortable doesn’t mean it would be ideal for you. After all, one size doesn’t fit all, and I would say the same for the properties too. For example, sometimes we do the shopping together with my mum, but while she wants a pair that’s wider, I want a pair that offers more arch support.

My advice is to list the properties you want in a pair, thinking of the amount of comfort you need and whether or not you have certain foot problems you want to address.

woman wearing orthopedic shoes

Do you require anatomic footbed for even weight distribution and alignment? Perhaps you also want sturdy outsole for stability and shock absorption? Or is it removable insole for a customised fit and support, and cushions for the tongue and top line for reduction of abrasion? Whatever it is you’re looking for in women’s comfy shoes, be sure to make it part of your checklist to make it easy for you throughout the shopping.

pink leather sneakers

I would add the importance of choosing the right material here as well, because after all, the environment inside the footwear depends on this very feature. So, if you want a healthy environment for your feet that doesn’t lead to moisture and odour, look for options such as leather and mesh.

The Variety You Require

There was a time when I was only buying flats, it didn’t matter what I needed them for, I just wanted to have them. Now that I’m more prudent with my choices, I have a more varied collection with women comfort shoes for every occasion.

ecco bella shoes
Ecco Bella

For example, for grabbing a cup of coffee or meeting with friends, I love wearing my suede wedges that look more like flats along with my pair of Ecco Bella with their great orthotics. For the casual strolls, I also prefer my Arcopedico sneakers and cushioned sandals that I love to wear with my sling bag.

arcopedico sneakers
Arcopedico Sneakers

Okay, I’m not going to lie, I have flip flops too but they aren’t my favourites outside my yard because they bring about pain sometimes! I keep the slippers for the truly lazy days around the house.

Since we don’t go out that much on dinners and don’t attend special events often, I don’t have that many pairs of high heels anymore and those that I have are with block heels and wide toe boxes. I figured my feet don’t deserve to experience any foot restriction during motion, even if it’s for the sake of fashion!

As for business events, my cushioned ankle boots with a small heel are my go-to choice, especially because they’re such a great match for my grazer pants. On the cold autumn and winter days, I put on my flat knee boots that keep me warm and dry.

As you can see, I have a bit of everything, and I recommend you to do varied shoe shopping based on your lifestyle. If you have a more casual lifestyle, then flats, sandals, sneakers should be your first choices, but that’s no reason to forget the footwear for those special occasions either!