A Super Photographer for a Day – A Super Auntie All the Way (Renting Camera Equipment for a Birthday)

I love Ethan. Ethan is Eliza’s little son (my dear friend), and this September he turned 6. He has just started school and is very excited about all the new things that he’s exploring: new friends, teachers, books and similar stuff. Anyway, when Eliza said that she wants to throw him a themed birthday party, she also mentioned that she wants to create a lovely photo album with photos from the party. Since this was going to be the first party for Ethan with his school friends, she wanted it all to be perfect. And of course, his aunty Jade wanted the same thing, so I decided to help Eliza with everything. We’re a great team the two of us, we get along and we understand each other, so I knew there won’t be any problems.

I took the responsibility to be the party’s photographer. My husband agreed to keep an eye on Matthew all the time, so I didn’t have to chase him around. Since I had some experience in making some amazing photos of Matthew, I knew that I was the one for the job. We wanted professional photos for this occasion, which is why I decided to rent camera equipment that had the capacity to meet the needs for the day. I do own a camera but after a brief pros and cons session I realized that mine won’t be enough for the quality of photos I want to make. Therefore, the next reasonable solution was to rent the equipment.

You must be wondering why I would choose to rent an entire equipment package for a little boy’s birthday party. Well, the thing is, Eliza had worked very hard to design this Star Wars scene with Ethan’s favourite characters, which we knew would be the best welcoming surprise for the kids. That’s why aunty Jade offered to be the photographer for the day and use all her recently acquired photography knowledge and make Ethan an unforgettable photo album of this amazing event.

So I searched online and found an amazing option to rent camera equipment which allows you to choose whatever you need from the products that are for rent for a specific time period.


A Camera, Obviously

As I said before, I already have a camera, but mine simply didn’t seem enough. So naturally, I opted for renting one. I was thrilled to see that you can choose a Sony or a Nikon, depending on your budget and preferences. While these cameras cost a fortune to buy, renting is a lot cheaper and still gets the job done perfectly.


Additional Equipment – Lens

For capturing all the right moments perfectly, one needs different lenses. Well, with these renting offers, you can choose pretty much anything online for as little as $50. Very convenient for someone who only needs it for a short period of time.


The Extras for the Really Good Photos

Those would be the lighting elements. Mainly intended for studios and professional photographers who need them for photo shoots in environments with bad lighting, these are products that we needed for the special Star Wars scene. We got the right stuff for providing enough illumination for the photos, which eventually turned out great.

Our little birthday party turned out to be amazing and a lot of fun. I’ll definitely do the same thing for Matthew’s birthday or for any other event that requires a professional touch.