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Patio Furniture: Design-Savvy Tips for a Polished Patio Look

I have a wonderful patio at the back side of my house; it’s medium sized, connected with the kitchen on the first floor and facing my small floral garden. It’s my perfect gateway spot and my morning meditation oasis. It’s also the place where all my guests love to sit and have coffee when they come over, and apparently, it’s because the overall ambiance with the grassy backyard, the carefully chosen patio furniture, the pleasant smells and the perfect light which creates a very cozy and stylish atmosphere where it’s just easy to sit and forget about time. Yup, a piece of art made by the hands of this interior (and now exterior) designer.

Just like I love creating harmony and cohesion between furniture elements, colours, materials and decorations inside my house, I find pleasure in doing that for the outdoors as well. After all, that’s my most effective way to show gratitude for having the blessing to own a backyard in which I can always be in touch with nature. A backyard can be seen as a harmonious merger of two separate areas: a garden or a grassy surface, and the patio. And in this post, I’ll concentrate on how to design and decorate the perfect patio with a stylish combination of modern patio furniture elements.

An outdoor seating set made of timber

If you want to achieve a more formal, yet practical look of your patio, get a seating set made of timber. Timber as a material emits warmth and perfectly fits especially in outdoor areas with its natural wood colour. A set of 4 chairs and a table made of timber would be a good start to create a comfortable, modern outdoor scenery. Cushions and pillows in your preferable colour could be used for providing additional seating comfort.

Wicker is also a good choice

Wicker would be the first choice of people who lean towards more modern trends. A wicker seating set of two small chairs and a ottoman-like table would be both practical and a very fancy decorative patio furniture. Wicker can also be complemented with cushions for comfortable sitting, and can be also decorated with colourful pillows for the ultimate effect.

Throw-in some eclectic pieces

To create a genuinely trendy and modern patio area, a few good eclectic pieces must be included. Think a wooden bench in a strong, screaming colour and an unusual design combined with a few wicker or iron chairs; or, if you really want a dose of fun combined with style, throw in one or two hanging egg chairs. Just make sure you don’t put too much colour in the entire scenery, keep it natural; after all this is the outdoors.