French Country Bedroom Furniture

French Country Takes Over My Bedroom

After having our second child, my husband and I were ready to renovate our master bedroom – a poorly organized room with a lot of wasted space, odd proportions and inefficient storage. The idea we had in mind was creating an elegant and romantic master bedroom that would be both comfortable and functional. So to get the look we so wanted, I decided to leave these matters in the hands of a professional – Jade – the best friend and interior designer I’ve ever met.

Since she knows me for oh so long, the only thing I actually needed to tell her was the colours that I wanted to prevail, some tiny details that I wanted to include and the dimensions of the room. Keyword? Romantic mood. Knowing me as good as she does, her suggestion was a French country décor. Bullseye. I love this style so much as it has bohemian undertones and it is mainly characterized by soft colours and a mixture of breathable, natural and soft fabrics. Plus, French country bedroom furniture reflects older styles and can be antique as well.

According to Jade, our room had plenty of space – enough to fit in a king-size bed, side tables, a big closet and everything else we needed. But since we had bought a new queen size mattress recently, the bed had to be queen size too. She freshened up the colours in my favorite palette of blue and gray, using the area rug as the starting point. The area rug is in a bohemian style and the two accent bed pillows perfectly match the rug. The charming, low profile queen bed we chose together is a French country bedroom furniture piece that features a crown-like molding, white painted finish and handcrafted details on the footboard and headboard. To complete the look, Jade went with an antique light fixture which only added more charm and a dose of glamour.

The much-needed storage in the form of a built-in closet, a wall of shelves and cabinets increased the functionality of the space and made it easier for me and my hubby to organize our stuff. She knows how much I love details so she put some of my fav family photos in frames that add to this style and placed them on the shelves. My fav accessory? The long and beige curtains that give the room just the right amount of light and privacy. God, I love this new look.

The fact that we’ve been living in our house for a while helped us realize what exactly we needed and what we no longer wanted to have in our home. Rearranging the space made it look much bigger and functional. Moreover, the French country feel in the bedroom makes it much more comfy to stay in and unwind. A French country style decor, or in other words – a serene, light, soft and calming room I look forward to ending my day in.