Tv Wall Mount Installation Melbourne

Kids and TV Units: The Perks of TV Wall Mount

When you become a parent, you’re filled up with excitement every step of the way. That’s something you see since the day you find out you’re expecting. Yes, excitement even through the times of changing stinky diapers, and wiping out vomits; you know there’s a little someone fully depending on you, loving you unconditionally.

What you don’t see is there are many things you’d have to give up along the way, like those long relaxing baths twice a week, nights of quality sleep without waking up with eye-bags, and a precious TV unit decorating your living room. Being in the design world for quite some time now, I’ve gathered up genuine respect for the invention and design of TV units, having in mind how versatile they are.

After inheriting mine from my nana, you can guess it had sentimental value, plus the vintage charms, and the extra drawers for hiding some snacks, and all sorts of knick-knacks (piles of Dolly magazine – guilty as charged). As difficult as it was, I said my farewell to this treasure, and the old TV, then I sought the help of Tv wall mount installation Melbourne specialists after buying a smart TV.

What seemed like an easy DIY project for my husband, turned into a complex mission given the fact the mount had to be carried out on plaster, and had no idea he required stronger hardware. Out of fear doing damage (more than was already done with the plaster), we left it all in the hands of experienced Tv wall mount installation Melbourne based professionals.

Of course, they had the necessary hardware, mounted the TV bracket on the wall in an instant (without even a scratch), hid the cables along with my husband’s mess, connected the AV devices, tuned the stations, and even cleaned up afterwards. They also assisted with the configuration of the TV, so all in all it was much better than I expected.

My Matthew, same as any toddler, used to always find his way in those TV cables, and whenever I’d show him my disapproving face, not letting him get anywhere near the TV unit area, he’d still do the opposite, and play along slamming the drawers. The outcome now?

I have a happy son, who has an even bigger playing area that he can run to without any danger, or reproach. As for my opinion, I have to admit the area looks incredible – the lack of TV unit has given the space more openness and a charm of its own.

Besides, I don’t have to fret any longer about Matthew’s safety, nor clean up the screen fingerprints after him. My husband is happy as long as I’m happy which means this turned out to be a great interior decor change after all.