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Adopt the Twinning Trend: Ideas for Matching Mum and Daughter Looks

If you’re into fashion and trends and keep up with all things Gucci, you probably saw the twinning they so masterfully pulled off. Twins and clothes have always gone hand in hand, as it happens to be a means to show off that special bond. However, don’t feel sad about not having a twin to try twinning in your daily ensembles.

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It’s a trend also shared by mums and daughters. Although not every mumma likes the idea, there are some benefits, such as strengthening the relationship you two have, getting creative with the outfits, and dressing young yourself. And I have to point out, it’s a helpful strategy for building her wardrobe and setting her up for wardrobe success by providing her with a sense of fashion early on.

Even though I have a son, I’ve done it myself by matching some of our T-shirts, and I must say it was an experience I enjoyed. While I daydream of having a baby girl, if you’re a mum and have a daughter, you can make use of some of the following fun and trendy ideas by combining lovely baby girl apparel pieces with your own wardrobe essentials.

Mum and Daughter Matching Dresses

Although baby girls look cute in anything, you can play the feminine card even when they’re newborns. There’s nothing girlier than dresses, so this is your chance to do some twinning. Even if you don’t find the exact design for yourself, as not all baby girl clothing shops have matching mum clothes, and vice versa, you can still find the design that’s closest.

It shouldn’t be too difficult for you given that the range of baby girl dresses is so vast, you’re sure to find a model that matches yours. From the delicate and utterly classy lace models available in different colours and decorations like bows and cap sleeves to the chic tulle and velvet models with ribbon and puff sleeve detailing. And, there’s also the in-between with the contemporary boucle, stripes, floral and ballet designs, so you’ve got plenty to look through.

This means that regardless of the occasion you’re buying them for, whether it’s day-to-day outfits you can match as you go to the park or elegant ensembles for more special events, you’re sure to find the right baby girl apparel to work with and coordinate your looks.

Mum and Daughter Matching Jumpsuits

If you’re not the dress kind of gal, and aren’t into making your daughter into one just yet, do not worry – there are many other options you can choose for your outfits. Take jumpsuits as an example – they’re as trendy as ever. The best of all is you can wear them year-round with your little one, considering they’re available in different fabrics, from denim to silk, both thick for cold days and lightweight and breathable for warm days.

mum and daughter with matching jumpsuits

They’re also available in numerous styles, so whether you prefer something sleeved or sleeveless, you can easily find this baby girl clothing piece to match yours. In addition to being cute, they’re easy to use and offer the comfort your little one needs with loose-fitting designs and features like a shirred bust for flexibility in movement, as well as snap enclosures to make dressing and diaper change a piece of cake.

Mum and Daughter Matching Tops or Jeans

You don’t have to go for a fully-coordinated look if you don’t have all the needed pieces – you can do what I did with my son Matthew and our matching T-shirts. You have a whole range of possibilities here, whether it’s choosing cute baby girl apparel shirts, blouses, and tees, or something warmer like fancy knitwear, be it a jumper, cardigan, or hoodie, to match with your own.

You’d be surprised to find just how great they look, much like those of adults, with all the stitching and decorations in the form of buttons, zippers, and pockets. And, in the last case scenario, if you don’t find anything for her to match your own, you can always buy cheap matching T-shirts and have the same prints added unless you prefer to splurge on some tailored pieces. And then, you have jeans to top off the looks in an equally stylish and comfortable manner. Honestly, who could resist buying those cute little jeans?!

Mum and Daughter Matching Coats

When the weather is cold, you can use this to your advantage to do some twinning with the top layer. Much like with the rest of the options of clothes for baby girl I covered, you are spoiled for choice with this piece as well. From classic quilted and trench coats available in different colours and fabrics, including super-trendy denim, to faux-fur jackets, denim and leather jackets, the possibilities are endless.

mum and daughter with matching coats

Mum and Daughter Matching Accessories

The finishing touches of the outfits are just as important as the rest, so be sure to include them in your coordinating combinations. Depending on what you’re keen on wearing, and what the season dictates, you have a vast array of choices to try out, from hair details like headbands and bows to bandanas, jewellery, fedoras, beanies, sling bags, and sunglasses.