Kid Bicycle

Happy Childhood: Bike Riding and Growing Up

Even if we don’t exactly think we have any memories that far back from our childhood days, we do – at least foggy ones, as in my case. The first one I can remember has to do with falling off my bike, and my grandparents rushing out to see whether I’m bleeding. I did have some fear of bikes after that, but as I was told that’s how life is, you stumble, you fall, you get up, you move on. And so it is.

Now that Matthew is almost three (with tears in my eyes I ask myself how did he even grow up so fast?!), I’ve figured it’s about time to introduce him to a bike, at least that’s what experts say – kids as young as three can learn how to properly ride a bike. My husband and I did an extensive search in Sherlock Holmes mode through kids bicycles, and my oh my, did we come across a wide range!

Knowing how fast kids grow up (sigh!), yet still not planning on excluding bike riding from Matthew’s upcoming activities, we already made up our minds on several kids bicycles, starting from the classic and sturdy tricycle of Italtrike, with 10” tyres, made of quality materials to ensure the occasional scratches, and falls don’t leave any marks or damage, because let’s face it, toddlers don’t know their own strength (giggles).

It was love at first sight since Matthew even gave it a hug. Upon that moment we were certain he’d love bike riding. He’s even making the most of the basket, piling up his toys, taking them for a spin round the rooms. Of course, after all the homework we did, we are already prepared for when he grows it out (we set up a Matthew-bike budget…), so the bike that would follow is the 12” Click-N-Go, the perfect model, with a strong steel frame, and easy to remove training wheels, so he could learn how to balance properly, and ride on two-wheels.

As soon as he gets that skill, we’d go for a bigger model, as the 18”, or 20” Starlite. As a mum, my brain works in worry mode 24̸7, but having in mind how crucial bike riding is for the proper growth and development, in terms of balance, ability, physical fitness (muscle strengthening), and as a result confidence, I try to calm myself with the words of my grandpa that for kids to grow up well, a bruise or two every now and then is more than welcome.