fancy designer seating for living room with black sofa bed wood coffee tables and decorative items

Designer Chairs: Interior Décor Game Made Easy

So many designer furniture pieces, so much shopping and decorating to do! After working with various clients over the years in making their interior décor dreams come true, I can say with certainty this positive variety of options can be overwhelming too.

Many a time I’ve had the chance to deal with clients who were rather confused from all the furniture available at the stores that they hardly knew where to begin with filling up the blanks in their nest. So much so, they ended up losing their own individuality and creativeness along the way.

If you don’t want this to be you, let me share some Jade wisdom with you: creating your stylish and comfy interior doesn’t have to be ostentatious. Keeping it small and simple will work magic for your abode! Don’t believe me? That’s what I intend to show you with this blog post, using designer chairs as an example. When in doubt, fancy designer seating can serve as a stylish accent. Having in mind how essential seating is, and the wide range of chairs you can pick from, you can be sure this would be the ultimate trick up your sleeve in the décor game!

modern living room with leather furniture and wood coffee tables

Fill Up Empty Spaces

Even though small living has been gaining momentum, many of us are left with more space in the homes than we have ideas on how to use up at its best. Instead of leaving awkward corners, why not fill them up stylishly with practical and cosy designer chairs?

This is the ideal solution also if you feel the place could do with some more texture, colour, and of course symmetry. You’re free to choose from various shapes, materials, and detailing like tufting or gorgeous frames that come in handy especially when buying a chair for the looks.

In case you don’t like the thought of having two of the same model of chairs added on opposite corners and the sense of balance they provide, you could choose two different models; have fun placing one at the corner, and the other right next to the sofa as an extra when entertaining, or choose another corner at the other end of the room.

Want to keep it simpler? Then try with one accent chair and fill up the opposite corner with a chic plant stand. When in doubt, greenery is a nice solution you can turn to!

modern beige furniture for living room decorative pillows coffee table and side tables

Add a Pop of Colour

As of late, interior trends tend to be more on the subtle side, with plenty of whites, blacks, blues and greens dominating. This is your chance to use the eye-catching designer seating to add some visual interest. You can achieve it by choosing one in a colour different than the main one in your interior for contrast.

If you still want to stay on the subtle side, however, it’s best to pick a chair in a different brighter and bolder hue. In homes with floral accents  such as walls and curtains, my suggestion is to choose the colour of the flower theme and find a chair that matches for that outcome of sophistication.

Now, this one is for the art lovers: Another idea I’m absolutely fond of is adding a colourful modern print on a neutral occasional chair you don’t plan on using as a seat. Prints aren’t just great on walls, am I right?

Welcome Warmth

As much as we might steer away from uninteresting décor that looks very much uninviting, sometimes we end up having just that with the clean lines and cool tones of most of the furnishings. Trust me, I’ve seen this happen in many homes, particularly in the hallways which are the first areas that people get to see. As such, they deserve our utmost attention.

No matter how small or big your hallway may be, you can easily make it warmer and more inviting by adding a designer chair. One made from materials with an everlasting charm like wood for the frame and legs, and upholstery made from heavy-duty linen blend that can withstand wear and tear is a great investment. Add it next to a versatile side table, include stylish light fittings and your hallway makeover is complete.

hallway with armchair and metal lighting

Shopping for the Ideal Designer Chair

As you’ve come to see, there are many ways you can invite this kind of versatile furniture piece into your abode but given the vast array of options at the stores, it’s advisable to be careful with the shopping. So, here’s my advice.

Consider the Space

To be sure you choose the right one for you and your home, first consider the space where you plan to add it. If you’d like to put it in the living room and have it as extra seating, think of the size and how much space you can use for it in addition to the rest of the furnishings like the statement sofa, coffee table and side tables. In case you want to add it in the bedroom, think of where you can place it without affecting the traffic around the bed area.

Consider the Interior Décor

Style is another important aspect so before you decide on the chair, see whether it would fit within your already established interior décor. If you’ve got Scandinavian-inspired home, then opting for minimal design is an option, though you can also take it to the eclectic side by buying a chair in different design.