wedding chalkboard

Wedding Chalkboards: Unique and Versatile Décor Pieces

The wedding day is one of the most important days in the lives of many, especially women. I know it sounds cliché by now but it’s true, most women dream of their wedding day as early as their childhood.

Girls do the planning when they start playing with their dolls or use pillowcases as the wedding veil, imagining the very details of what the ideal place for the reception would be and the size of the cake as Monica explained it so well to Ross in the Friends episode of Ross’s wedding.

You can guess I’m a huge Friends fan, right?! I certainly loved planning mine, for years, way before I’d even met my husband yet what I wasn’t planning on was being called for help for the wedding décor of a friend.

Interior decorating certainly is different from decorating a venue, especially for such a special occasion, so the first step was to do looots of inquiries, check what my friend and her husband-to-be love, like and dislike. After that was over, I’ve come to the conclusion we simply must incorporate wedding chalkboards.

wedding chalkboards


My friend loves the rustic style whereas her soulmate is keen on the idea of personalising the reception with a little touch of their own so I figured chalkboards offer the best of both worlds: they’re rustic and offer the fun of personalising them by writing something on them. Besides, there are many ways to use these decorating items which means they allow you to have the benefit of freedom; this is the recipe for perfection!

Oh, and best of all perhaps is they’re affordable, versatile and you can buy them in bulk! If you’re having a wedding on a tight budget it’s a great element to consider.

Entrance Piece

When you don’t have a clue what to use at the entrance to make it warm and welcoming, count on wedding chalkboards. You could wow the guests by writing a heartwarming “thank you” message while at the same time show your artistic side by adding some artsy details you’ve drawn yourself or opt to use a very distinct font.

Information Piece

In case the venue is spacious and you’re afraid of having your guests wander off not knowing which room is which, you could use the chalkboards as info boards. Additionally, you could include the menu as well as the exact time of the different courses so they’d know what awaits them later on.