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Merino Wool Blanket: A Multi-Use Item for Ultimate Comfort

On the quest for natural fabrics that are great for the skin in terms of softness, undoubtedly you’d come across wool. But, many times we refrain from welcoming it in our lifestyles because of fearing the itchiness people have reported after coming in contact with it. And yet, that just means they haven’t found the right wool type, the right wool fibre thickness, or the right wool item for that matter.

If you don’t find the Shetland wool to be your preferred choice, it’s because it’s thicker and rougher (around the edges – joke!), and you’d do much better with merino wool instead which is ultra-soft (even fit for a newborn’s delicate skin), lightweight, and comfortable. If you’re not too excited to deal with wool made personal clothing, why not give wool blankets a go? Trust me, you don’t know what you’re missing if you haven’t yet treated yourself to one!

Readily available, the ranges of merino wool blanket Australia stores can provide you with differ in style, as much as in colour and size, so you’re sure to find something suitable for your taste and pocket. Once you welcome this kind of soothing warmth and softness into your home, and life, you’d want to get all-things wool all of a sudden. It’s that good!

Who Needs Wool Blankets?

merino wool blankets

You do! We all do, as they’re far more multi-use than we give them credit for. Little did I know I’d be using mine for way more than a purposeful healthy bedding, and the longer you have it, the more creative you get with having it around even when the season’s off.

Improve Sleep

Who said wool is only for the winter? The properties wool has with thermo-regulation make it usable far beyond the days of brass monkey weather, as it can keep hot sleepers cool, and cold sleepers hot. By enabling this thermo-regulation, the blanket can regulate your sleep and reduce those mid-night wake-ups. As such, it’s also perfect as baby bedding whether you like to keep your bub snug while going for walks, or during bedtime.

Enhance Your Interior Décor

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Feel like your abode could do with some new texture? Wool is perfect for this! The beauty of having one of the fancy options of merino wool blanket Australia stores have is using it as part of the décor whether thrown over the sofa or your special nook armchair, used in place of a rug (doubles as a soundproofing item as it absorbs the sound) or a baby playmat, or anywhere where you could do with a boost in style and charm. I’m thinking the garden lounge and the bedroom ottoman are two other elements that could do with this warmth feature.

Use in an Emergency

Who wants to go through accidents or emergencies, right? Who even wants to think about going through accidents or emergencies in the first place? Well, packing up a wool blanket in your car’s trunk could take away some of those worries for you if you ever have to face the cold weather away from home and you haven’t properly prepared for it. It’s just as useful with keeping injured people warm and protected until help arrives. Talk about a safety blanket!

Pack Up as Essential Trip Item

natural merino wool blanket

If there was that one item you need to bring along no matter the adventures you’re up for, it’s this. Not only can it serve as your comfort item when you’re far away from home, reminding you of your safe place with the texture as well as with the smell, but it can also be much needed when you feel a little cold during a long flight, or you want to surprise your sweetheart with a picnic at the special spot where you two met. It’s lightweight, it’s compact, and can be easily transported to the hotel, or campsite. It’s also the must-have item for nursing mums who like to keep their privacy during breastfeeding time.

Keep Pets Snug

Sometimes, our four-legged friends could do with some extra TLC in the form of a snug wool blankie too. Some breeds of cats and dogs that have less fur coat feel the change in temperature more than us, so it’s helpful to treat their beds with one of these bedding items. Older pets and those with issues like osteoarthritis could also benefit from this level of softness and comfort. Don’t be surprised if after getting them one, it turns into their most beloved item, so much so they carry it all around the house with them.

Surprise a Loved One

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You don’t have to keep the benefits to yourself – after all sharing is caring. If a loved one hasn’t yet discovered the perks of having a merino blanket, then you just made your gift giving game a whole lot easier for the upcoming event. Choose a design in their favourite colour or pattern, wrap it up yourself, and you can be certain of having your gift listed among their favourites. It’s just as great of an option if you have a baby shower along the way, or need to treat an outdoor enthusiast with something meaningful that hits the usefulness card without weighing them down.