Hello Summer, I’m Ready for Some Tan & a Couple of Nice Bags

If there’s one thing I love most summer about summer, it would be having the chance to walk around Melbourne’s long, wide, sandy beaches. There’s nothing better than walking barefoot on hot summer sand just before the sun goes down. The sea starts to become a little restless and the sun goes down creating a wonderful artistic image with the most beautiful colours in the palette. I never go to the beach in the morning as I never have the time. Taking care of Matthew in the morning certainly is time-consuming, then I start working, which oftentimes requires me to go to the city for all kinds of interior design matters. After I’ve taken care of all the chores, I usually have the afternoon around 5 o’clock free to myself, when I can finally hit the beach.

All this usually happens on work days, while on weekends, when I have the time and manage to make a plan upfront, I get to spend an entire day tanning, swimming and enjoying pampering myself for about 4-5 hours! Excited about summer arriving, I decided to treat myself by choosing something new from the wide selection of trendy ladies beach bags. You all know just how much I love tote bags, and a beach bag is almost as essential as a tote one is. It’s a summer beach bag, which kind of puts the limits on the use of it for other purposes and for other seasons. I was torn between the many lovely designs, shapes, materials and sizes, so I bought myself two gorgeous pieces.


The Amelia Seagrass Tote
Believe it or not, seagrass isn’t just a plant. It’s used for making a material which is characterized by significant sturdiness and durability and it is used for the manufacturing of rugs and, you’ve guessed it – beach bags! I found the Amelia beach bag to be the cutest among the many trendy ladies beach bags, and the fact that it was made of seagrass just made me want it more. In addition, this season’s trend implies a lot of patterns, lively decorations and the use of a lot of colours, which is why my Amelia tote has a graphic, safari-like print. It is perfect for pairing it with denim shorts and a completely white tee. Besides on the beach, this tote can easily be worn for running errands around town – the perfect addition for those days when you don’t have the will nor the time to make a stylish combination, but you still don’t want to look like a Boogeyman!


The Hello Sailor Tote
I love, love, love all sailor themes in print and fabric design! The colour combination is just amazingly stylish and practically never goes out of fashion. I bought myself the Hello Sailor Tote which has a crocheted base and wonderful fabric walls made in white, blue and red tones of the anchors. I like to pair the sailor theme with long white summer dresses and flats, with denim short and tees, as well as with short dresses for the beach. It’s just the type of bag that with just a glance at it should remind you that it is time to hit the beach!