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Magnetic Door Stops: Find Out Why They’re Essential Door Hardware

When someone asks you to describe what home is to you in a couple of words, what are the first things that come to mind? For me, it’s safety and comfort, as the home is my safety zone where I am most at ease with my family. I’m sure this is true for most people, including you.

And yet our abodes aren’t always all we perceive them to be. Dangers lurk around us in our most trusted environment and surroundings. And it’s not always indoor air pollution, air leaks, mould, mildew, and VOCs in furnishings to blame. Sometimes it can be something (seemingly) inoffensive as a door, which Spy Kids actress Alexa Vega found out the hard way.

A door plus draft equals danger, especially if you share your home with children and pets. I’ve already discussed my son’s curiosity and fascination with doors in the story I posted some years ago. Well, I’ve got one more solution to share with concerned parents and pet owners: the practical and easy-to-use magnetic door stop.

magnetic door stop

What Is a Magnetic Door Catch?

Also known as a stop, it’s an accessory that consists of two pieces: one attached to the door and another to the adjacent wall. Some can even be mounted on the floor and skirting. They use the natural magnetic force to keep the door open and fixed in the same position, so you won’t have to worry about them not functioning properly.

Since they’re made up of strong earth magnets, they’re fit for internal as much as external applications, even those you have on the terrace and patio. Although there are other designs like baseboard, spring, wall-bumper, hinge-pin, floor-mounted, rubber-wedge, and chock models, I found the magnetic door stop to be the best option.

It may cost you more initially than the rest, but it’s truly worth it because it’s highly versatile. This is due to the availability in a range of styles as well as finishes (e.g. matte, chrome, bronze), so it’s easy to find something that fits right in your décor scheme and goes well with the other hardware pieces and finishes.

Why Use a Magnetic Door Stop?

As mentioned, the main reason to purchase one is to childproof and pet-proof your home by securing the door in place and preventing it from slamming on your children or pets and harming them. Open windows in the summer can create drafts that make doors slam, so this is also one way of enjoying more of the summer breeze without damaging your walls.

It may not seem too big a deal, but trust me, damaged walls can turn into a massive repair project you certainly don’t want to have on your list of home-related expenses. Speaking of which, such an addition on hot days can also lower your need for artificial cooling – yet another cost cut. And don’t get me started on the slamming; besides being a nuisance, it can create unbearable noise and startle you when you least expect it.

ultra quiet magnetic door catch with classic ball and cup magnet

For people who are extra jumpy like me, this is one more reason to install these accessories – no stressors, no increased heart rate, stress, or anxiety. Others who would benefit from this hardware are those who are relocating, clearing out objects to donate or doing garage sales, as well as those who do regular cleaning indoors and need the door securely open.

If you have lovely framed pictures or floating shelves with valuables sharing the same wall as a door, the magnetic stop can also prevent them from being affected by vibrations from slamming. Another reason to like these hardware elements is that they can keep your living space more open.

This is a solution if you’ve wanted an open floor space but haven’t had the money to undertake such a project. Those who share their home with loved ones who are elderly or have some disabilities can also make the most of these stops since they can keep the rooms more accessible and cut down on at least one of the inconveniences these people go through daily.

How to Choose Your Door Stops?

The first thing you’ll notice when searching for these handy accessories is how many are available in homeware stores. To choose properly, consider your specific door type to see if it’s suitable, whether or not you have some ornate baseboards or walls, and whether or not you have tiles instead of hardwood flooring.

Ornaments and tiles aren’t ideal for floor and spring stoppers. In this case, you’d have to look for alternatives like mounted designs. This will guarantee the safety of your flooring and walls, and you use the stops for what they were created to do. Also, check the size, dimensions and instructions to know exactly what you’re getting.