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Ease Into a Stylish Office Update with Vertical Blinds: How to Dress Wide Windows

I love working with ladies in the business sector. They’re always concise in what they want, know how to make a deal by telling you exactly what they want you to do with their space and are very straightforward with money – a rare quality these days. I took on a project from a lady-lawyer last week; she got a promotion and she’s moving in a much larger office that needs to look a certain way because lawyers aren’t just paperwork; they’re authoritative voice, flawless looks, expensive suits and wits mixed with bravery. Kind of like modern knights in shining armours.

The office space is very large; in my opinion even too large for a single worker there. But when she explained that it will also be her own personal meeting room, it all made sense. The large table takes enough of the space so the rest is all used for the desk, the chairs and a few shelving units for the boxes of paperwork. One feature instantly captured my eye and sparkled my imagination: the wide, end-to-end glass walls that closed the one side of the office space. A view from the upper floors of a large skyscraper, unlimited sunlight and warmth filling the space and illuminating it – just gorgeous.

As much as I like sunlight filling the room and bringing everything to life early in the morning, sunlight is actually not so good for a working environment. It bounces off of glass and marble surfaces and makes looking into computer screens a living hell. That was a problem in this particular case and it needed to be solved in the most convenient and stylish way possible.

Wooden shutters definitely wouldn’t have fit in that space. Neither would’ve curtains because they were no longer trendy. The only left acceptable solution were blinds, and not just any kind, but specifically the vertical blinds. A clean, simple and very convenient window treatment, perfect for large glass walls that go from the bottom to the top.

If you search for online vertical blinds offers, you’ll come across a very wide palette of products ranging in material, colours, sizes and consequently, in brand and price. What is important to define upfront are all these things, as you can’t experiment here. In short, their colour should be in the pale nuances, not dark (for some specific cases maybe), and they should have a quality and durable rotation system. I ordered online vertical blinds in beige, so they can complement the wooden desk and the large table for the meeting corner of the office. Plus, beige gives a dose of freshness to a space, which suits my client’s needs and character.

After equipping the office with the necessary elements like lights, furniture and decorative pieces such as art, a wall clock, and flower vases, everything came into place connected with just the right interior-design cohesion; an office for a lady with power and knowledge to meet and greet her future clients and people of interest. Client satisfied, job well-done. Time for a celebratory glass of wine and an hour of reflection.