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Planning a Family Camping Trip? Pack Up a Battery Box!

Camping is one of the best opportunities to bond as a family. And I’m not saying this only because I’m a huge fan of the outdoors. Sometimes, staying in the city (which has its perks) can lead to stress that can accumulate and create resentment in the relationships you share with your loved ones.

It’s true, sharing the home with others means there are going to be some arguments here and there, but a little change of scenery can work wonders for the bond you share together. This especially became apparent during the COVID-19 pandemic when we were forced to spend most of the time in the same space, and camping proved to be the perfect escape.

Depending on how big your family is, and how many devices and appliances you rely on for a more comfortable experience in the grand outdoors, my suggestion is to count on the help from reliable battery boxes Australia camp gear stores can supply you with to never run out of battery. Trust me on this, you don’t want to find out the hard way running out of power at the campsite can contribute to more trouble and arguments.

What Is the Point of a Battery Box?

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It’s a handy purchase that has your back in case you want to get more batteries for the trip, and a portable solution to stay powered up. Since this type is designed for flexibility, it’s just as great for boating, 4WDing, and use wherever and whenever you’re in need of a portable power source.

It’s designed to contain the batteries and protect them as well as you and your vehicle from dangerous spills, water damages, and exposure to bad weather. It can also protect the batteries from damage and impact when you’re driving around with the vehicle and your cargo isn’t secured.

Think of the battery boxes Australia round suppliers can provide you with as the storage for your precious batteries, be they of RV or deep cycle nature. Even though lightweight, they do have a sturdy design thanks to the material chosen to construct them, such as heavy-duty polypropylene and fire-resistant ABS plastic. They’re made to be easily secured in your vehicle so you can create your convenient and portable power station where you see fit.

As the battery boxes come with ventilation holes and spaces for the cable connections, all you have to do is sort out the wiring to provide the battery with the needed charging, and the appliances with the outlets to power them up. Some advanced boxes allow you to charge the battery with a DC-DC charger, or even with a solar panel, offering you more flexibility with the use.

To count on utmost quality, and cut down the risk of damages, my advice is to look for a battery box that has recessed Anderson-style ports, cables with heavy-gauge wire and connectors of quality. For convenience, it’s good to get a box with a digital display to indicate the battery status.

Do You Really Need a Battery Box?

battery boxes australia

Yes unless you want to take the toll on your car’s battery and risk it going flat. Whether it’s used as a source for power, or a “just in case” solution, the battery box camping design is the helping hand you need when on the road. Think about it, the advanced designs nowadays come equipped with a range of USB ports, perfect for use with all sorts of devices, especially important when you travel with kids of any age who are all about electronics.

When connected correctly, it can serve in place of a second battery, so you get a convenient dual battery system without going through the hassle. You also won’t have to worry about staying with a flat battery in the middle of nowhere, as it can be used for jump starting vehicles too. Get one with a 175A Anderson jumper cable set and you’d be able to go stress-free even if you find yourself in a place without power.

Likewise, it’s the ideal solution for blackouts or helping a friend in need in such cases. Since it’s a portable design, you can carry it wherever you require it. Even if you’re staying further from the main campsite, for example, in a tent and not a vehicle, you can have it close to your tent to power up your devices. If you’re on the road with your motorhome, you can easily use it to power up your appliances.

It’s a better alternative to all-in-one units too since you can recharge a battery as you see fit, or the need arises, as opposed to having to dispose of the whole unit because of a single battery. Lastly, even with all the advantages, what I like about this purchase is that it’s high quality and yet still affordable, so you won’t have to break the bank to get it. Get one and get going!