pregnant woman wearing white maternity jumpsuit

Maternity Jumpsuits: Versatile Clothing Pieces for a Stylish Baby Bump

Confirming your pregnancy is the first step of the road of receiving one of God’s biggest blessings. Having the chance to generate new life inside of you is nothing short of miraculous, and is a phase filled with excitement and surprises. The new experiences that lie ahead explain why the birth of a child is also accompanied by the birth of a mother – a new part of your personality you never imagined was in you.

Still, even though pregnancy impacts a woman’s mind and emotional state for good, the biggest impact can be seen and felt in the body. All of a sudden your favourite clothes, shoes, and accessories don’t fit you anymore. Within weeks, you find yourself going a size or two up, not having anything fit you the way it used to.

It can be nerve-racking to think of all the expenses you have to take care of to renew your wardrobe, but it shouldn’t be too difficult when you’ve got the right clothes to do the change with – like a stylish maternity jumpsuit you can wear in numerous outfit combos.

Are Jumpsuits Good for Pregnancy?

pregnant woman wearing maternity jumpsuit

They can be everything you wish for in clothes that provide put together looks and feel comfy in all the right spots. They’re perfect all throughout your bump journey, from early pregnancy to third trimester when nothing else seems to accommodate or support your big belly.

As there are rompers varying in their designs and fit, some being roomier than others, you won’t necessarily have to feel like you’ve given up style for the sake of maternity. In other words, they’re perfect for dressing for maternity without being overtly maternity clothes. Same as anything that’s loose, stretchy, and comes with an adjustable waistline, like a flowy dress.

And, a maternity jumpsuit that most suits your taste and personality can be a choice that easily and seamlessly makes it into your postpartum wardrobe too thanks to offering all the roominess your body requires while it recovers and gets back in shape. These are clothes that are great for all mummas, regardless of whether they have natural or C-section births.

How to Wear Jumpsuit in Pregnancy?

The first thing you’re going to be amazed by is the versatility and variety of rompers, even with those meant for pregnancy. To be certain you’re going to love your looks, and feel great in your own skin showing off your baby glow to the world, it’s important to choose your ideal maternity playsuit models with care, and be aware of how to properly style them minding some basic wear dos and don’ts.

A Jumpsuit for Every Season

There are two solutions you can choose from: buy the one jumpsuit you can style with outfits to make it wearable year-round, or buy several jumpsuits designed for the different warm and cold seasons.

If you resort to the first one, you can wear it with all sorts of tees underneath, as well as various layers over it. An oversized sweater, a cardigan, a denim jacket, a leather jacket, or even something more sleek like a trenchcoat or a blazer can all be worn over your favourite romper.

If you resort to the second solution, there are plenty of stylish models made for spring/summer and autumn/winter days. You have the sleeveless body suits, the designs with straps, the models with shorts, and both the short-sleeve and long-sleeve options. All equally trendy, and available in different colours with a range of fashionable features, such as eye-catching necklines, patterns, buttons, or embroidery details.

A Jumpsuit for Every Occasion

pregnant woman on the beach wearing maternity jumpsuit

You’d also have to take care of another crucial factor, which is the dress code, depending on where you plan to wear the maternity jumpsuits for. Denim designs, both the short and the long, and whole body suits are great for casual outings, like day to day wear and occasions like casual strolls around the city, trips to the stores and supermarkets, or going last-minute shopping for the nursery essentials.

You can wear them with your favourite pair of thongs as much as sneakers, some types of boots, and casual sandals. As for accessories, you can style them up with scarves, some minimalist jewellery, or a head piece of your choice, like a cap, or some casual sunnies.

Designs that show off the body figure in a more flattering way, yet still offer the needed relaxed fit, with waist ties and wide-leg silhouette are ideal for the occasions when you want to look your best. They’re perfect for styling up with your elegant jewellery, sophisticated sunnies and hats, as well as more classic bags. As for footwear, if you feel like you could make it through in heeled shoes, then you sure can. If not, some elegant flats would do.

Jumpsuit Dos and Don’ts

If you choose a design in black, do feel free to add some colour or texture with the layers and accessories. A print jacket or a bag are great options.

If you choose a design with a print, don’t choose a big flashy print. A small and intricate one can be better for achieving a slimmer result.

If you have the chance to shop better, do choose quality over quantity. It’s all in the fabric you end up with for ultimate comfort.

If you opt for a sleeveless design, don’t show off your bra straps. Pick the bra that’s the easiest to wear and conceal, like a t-shirt bra, or pick one in the same colour as the jumpsuit.

If you want the design you can wear time and time again, even after pregnancy, do choose one with adjustable waistline.