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Use Natural Body Wash: It’s Practical, Cleansing and Moisturising!

Women today, we sure want to do it all, be successful at housekeeping, having a job where we excel, raising our kids great, and being the perfect wives our husbands need us to be; somehow we manage to do all this, yet most of the time it can be at the expense of our own well-being.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t do your best in your house, work or kids chores however it’s important not to forget to take the time you need for yourself everyday; Yes, even if it means taking just five to ten minutes a day! It might sound silly, but I’ve found this works for me, so I have a time set in the day when I have my five minutes of relaxation: it starts at 8pm sharp, and I go to the bathroom, my sanctuary, put on a little essential oil and just let my thoughts wander.

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Don’t forget skin care!

Taking care of your well-being doesn’t only encompass minding the foods and drinks, but also the skin care and if you want to slow down the ageing process, while also protect your skin the best way you can, it’s essential to make skincare habits part of your day to day life. And when you don’t have the time for it? Reach out for easy body care, like using body wash natural in ingredients.

Now, it may not sound like much but for a busy woman it sure comes in handy when there’s no time for much pampering, because the ingredients such body washes consist of are useful in nourishing the skin, unlike the synthetic alternatives that even dry it out as a result. Since I take a shower every morning, it’s the perfect chance to provide my skin with the needed nutrients without it affecting my busy schedule as I’m able to both cleanse and moisturise throughout the shower.

Ever since I’d made the change with my makeup I considered it enough care for my skin, and anything on a regular basis was out of the question until I remembered I’m not in the age of allowing myself to neglect my skin anymore and figured moisturising was more than necessary and even though I have my own set of moisturisers, sometimes I forget to apply them and so the body wash comes in handy.

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What is the best natural body wash?

I could go on an on about specific brands, or products I’ve tried because I know people ask themselves this question, as did I before buying such products, and instead of focusing on names, I’m going to focus on ingredients instead.

The reason not just any body wash would do has to do with the fact conventional options are full of chemical ingredients that tend to strip the skin of the natural oils, can cause irritation and allergies, and even lead to conditions like eczema, dermatitis, dry patches, fatigue, depression, as well as cancer given that the skin absorbs whatever you put on it.

Unlike them, the body wash natural based doesn’t contain chemicals like parabens and sulfates, are soap free and are enriched with aromatic flower extracts and organic oils such as jojoba, avocado, rosehip, tea tree, chamomile, aloe vera, papaya to name some, that are full in vitamins and minerals essential for purifying and hydrating the body, enough to revitalise and nourish, while maintaining the pH balance.

Also, a word of caution is to be more careful with the selection of natural products too because even though something is declared organic doesn’t mean the ingredients are so my advice would be to read well before you buy. It’s easier with online shopping as you get to check the products to detail within seconds which is why I opt for this instead of looking for the ideal body wash from conventional stores.

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Why use body wash?

Notice I said the body wash natural in ingredients doesn’t contain soap? While many of us would rather just wash up with our soaps instead of buying an organic body wash, truth is it’s got more benefits over the soap alternative.

Other than the thorough cleansing and hydration, a body wash is much better than a soap in terms of its practicality, of not leaving a slippery mess behind, not falling apart, and you can use as much as you want, no more, no less so it’s also an economical option. Additionally, it could also serve for gentle exfoliation when used on a sponge!

And lastly, there’s a vast variety of such products, differing in their ingredients and scents, so you have the chance to try out various once you’ve made sure they’re to be trusted. You may love a body wash or hate it, yet there’s no doubt these benefits aren’t to be underestimated.