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A Few Weight Loss Tips From One Busy Mum to Another

If you’ve been following the blog for quite a while, you know I like to share everything. Whether it’s discussing kids-related topics, hobbies, home décor considerations, or even the juicy parts of life like rekindling the passion with the help of sex toys – no stone is left unturned. A topic I’ve been meaning to discuss with you but had some doubts about was staying in shape.

After the more inactive period we had during the COVID-19 pandemic, I now divide life (or better said, my weight) into pre and post-pandemic. Going through all those lockdowns certainly took a toll on our fitness, diet and mental health. This was especially true for mums of younger kids like me.

On one side, I was acting brave and relaxed for the sake of my son, and on the other, I was overwhelmed trying to come up with activities we could all enjoy as a family while remaining at home. Considering this, it’s only natural to put on some weight. Yet, it took me a while to accept this, work on it, or even share it on the blog. So, how did I, a busy mum with a 9-to-5 job and a doting husband, manage to get back my lean physique?

I Tried Supplements

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You can work out all you want, but if you don’t focus on your nutrition and support your metabolism the right way, you won’t get the results you wish. Exercise is only successful combined with good nutrition, but a little help from trustworthy fat burning supplements can’t hurt either.

As you may know, I’m willing to try anything that works. I’ve already shared my experience with hypnotherapy and whey protein, so I’m not new to this kind of dietary change. What I recommend for any novice is to do as much research as possible before including anything in the diet. As their name suggests, fat burners are a form of dietary boost created to help with fat burn and weight loss.

Given that the market is abundant with these products, and there’s plenty of false advertising, I paid particular attention to the shops and brands. But I especially focused on the ingredients list to get the wanted results while taking care of my body.

For a start, I didn’t go for whichever fat loss supplements first crossed my sight, but rather those that were natural without all the nasties like GMO, artificial colours, sweeteners, and flavours. When in doubt, start with something simple. For me as a tea lover, the choice was fat-burning green tea full of antioxidants that promote energy levels, improve the metabolic rate, and support calorie burning without taking a toll on your body.

Metabolisers with collagen from natural sources, like deep sea Atlantic marine collagen, mushroom extracts, and carnitine are other great options that boost the metabolism, and even help support healthy liver function. When we go through weight transformations, we often forget to consider how this affects our liver, so it’s nice to pay it the deserved attention.

If you experience any sudden physical changes, I advise you to check your thyroid, which is also connected to liver function. If your doctor or endocrinologist gives you the all-clear, you might want to consider taking a thyroid support supplement, which can help you achieve your weight goals even more. Everything you need for a healthy thyroid and metabolism is in this fat-burning pill, from zinc and selenium to iodine and plant extracts.

I Improved My Eating Habits

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With the threat of hypothyroidism and the unwanted weight, it was evident I would also have to make ground-breaking changes in my diet. In addition to the supplements, I started researching what I could change in my nutrition and what to include more.

While smoothies are great nutritious options you can turn to instead of some ready-made snacks, they don’t keep you full for longer. So, you might still feel hungry along with gaining weight. I had to look for ways to add nutrients without the boost in calories and still keep myself satiated. And this resulted in acquiring plenty of healthy cookbook recipes and cooking more at home instead of ordering takeout.

Besides focusing on protein from organic lean meat, organic eggs, and lots of nuts, seeds, fruits and veggies, without any of the sweet stuff, I also changed the way I ate. If you find yourself eating in front of the TV while binge-watching a show you’re hooked on, I suggest cooking and eating with your family in the kitchen or dining room. This way, you can better pay attention to what you eat, how long you chew, and how much you consume – all over a great talk with loved ones.

I Stayed Hydrated

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There are many times when we confuse thirst with hunger, and I think many of us aren’t even aware we’re in need of hydration instead of food. The good thing about my choice of fat-burning supplements, green tea and tea with marine collagen, was that I could meet my fluid intake while keeping my hunger under control. And speaking of hydration, most of us are aware of the eight glasses per day standard, yet as it turns out, the right choice of liquids is more important.

Be that as it may, coconut water can hydrate more than plain water, so if you don’t think you could drink up more, this is an option. Water kefir is another of my favourite picks because of the probiotic benefits for the gut.

Moreover, it’s counter-effective to force yourself to down those eight glasses if you don’t feel thirsty, to the point of making you fat (water weight is a real thing). There’s also the risk of being overhydrated which can cause a loss of minerals and toxicity with symptoms like nausea, vomiting, and diarrhoea. For more beneficial hydration without exaggeration, boost your glass of water with natural electrolytes. My favourite as of late is sea salt!