gray linen bedding with decorative throw and pillows

Want Restful Sleep? Treat Yourself to Quality Bed Linen

As a former night owl who’s seen her sleep drastically change upside down after giving birth, I can say I’ve come to appreciate my shut-eye time more than I ever did before starting a family. As essential as it is for all of the bodily functions, going a day without sleep costs me a great deal socially too – trust me, no one wants to see me moody first thing in the morning!

Having this thought in mind, my husband got particularly creative with the ideas for my last Mother’s Day gift. Since I’ve had some ups and downs with catching my z’s lately, and he’s already gifted me some cool presents like that unforgettable trip to Italy where we got to taste some sublime red wine, and that awesome basket full of pampering and aromatherapy treats, he opted for something different this time.

Feeling curious, same as I was? It was a luxurious set of bedding linen, the key ingredient for restful sleep! Made up of 100% bamboo fabric in highest quality 400TC sateen weave, light and airy, they truly make me feel like sleeping on clouds. After sailing off to dreamland, you might as well guess he nailed it with the gift!

Why did I grow to love this gift a whole lot and value it as much as that exclusive trip to Europe’s Lo Stivale?

white bedding linen with decorative pillows

I Got Bedding with Outstanding Properties

There’s been an ongoing bamboo trend with reason – it’s the kind of fabric that makes you want to have as much of it in the form of clothing besides bedding. This isn’t an overstatement because it’s a fabric known for its antibacterial and antimicrobial properties, perfect for individuals with dry, sensitive skin and those prone to allergies and issues with acne.

It’s also a perfect choice for hot sleepers who can’t seem to get any sleep with synthetic fabrics. Thermoregulating, soft to touch, and comfortable to rest on, it doesn’t trap heat and you don’t risk waking up all soaking wet like the time X Files’ heartthrob Fox Mulder had his waterbed broken. (Yes, David Duchovny fan over here!)

I love it for the fact it helps prevent bad hair days as well, unlike cotton or the polyester blends that make for some pretty brittle hair that ends up with the outcome of what’s typically known as “bedhead”. If you have wavy, curly, textured hair that tends to frizz, you’re going to appreciate bamboo bedding just as much as silk or satin because it makes your hair retain its natural moisture.

Okay, I’m not saying such pillowcases or sheets will work magic for your hair if you aren’t too careful when upgrading your hair colour or choosing adequate products and styling tools. However, investing in them will save you from a lot of hair trouble in the morning. You can thank me later for this beauty tip!

On top of all this, my bamboo bedding linen is outstanding as a choice in the sense it’s durable, easy to maintain and dry. Translation: it doesn’t burden me when it comes to keeping up with the rest of the housekeeping chores.

linen bedding set

You Too Deserve Bedding with Outstanding Properties

You don’t have to wait for your partner or spouse to remember to treat you with a neat gift like this one – you can buy your own present as a treat from you to you. Bedding is far more important than we give it credit, especially in relation to restorative sleep.

If you can’t get a good rest at night, and you’ve already checked it’s not what you eat before you sleep, your health in general, or the sleeping ambience (e.g. noise, light), chances are your bedding is the culprit. Besides my beloved bamboo bed sheets, you’ve got other exceptional options to pick from, like organic cotton, Egyptian cotton, microfibre and French linen flannelette. It all comes down to what you prefer in terms of style and fabric.

Choosing Bedding You’ll Love

As there’s a vast array of options, you’d have to be more specific with what you want in bedding. Think in terms of:

girl sleeping on a linen bed


Not all fabrics are made the same, so you ought to weigh in the choices carefully. For instance, if you’re keen on cotton, instead of choosing the traditional, superior alternatives such as Egyptian, organic and Pima cotton are better as they “sleep cooler”, due to the fact they’re more breathable – much like bamboo.

Don’t forget to also have in mind the climate where you live. If you aren’t too fond of the cold days, and you require extra layers of warmth, besides choosing thermoregulating bedding linen, think of something additional like a duvet and a suitable cover. Have a mattress protector or mattress topper? Be sure to consider the required fabric for their protection too.


If you care about reducing your household chores, you should seriously give the bedding a thought. Choosing anything delicate requires extra care which could mean more hours and money spent on suitable treatments and products.

Sleep Partner

If you aren’t too picky with the bedding linen, think of your sleep partner. Even if you don’t require any particular options like bamboo perfect for the sensitive skin and could do with synthetics, perhaps your partner struggles with that issue – or getting some shut-eye in which case organic is the better choice.