Western Wear: The Embodiment of the Charming Farm Life

Life in the city is great and all but when you’ve spent your childhood and part of your youth on a farm you never really get over farm life. I’ve become aware of this thanks to my husband who doesn’t fail to share his love for the countryside with our boys by telling them stories every night.

A child doesn’t need much to be convinced on how exciting a certain place can be so we figured it was our priority to get them to the countryside as often as possible before they started asking for it every chance they get. On the plus side it’s also a way to spend more time with their grandparents so it’s win-win for everyone. Besides, other than Uno, they haven’t been in the company of animals lately and they’ve come to be really fond of horses and cowboys which was an opportunity for me to turn them into my little cowboys and share with them my love for country wear, especially country western cowboy hats!

Though they see us wearing our Akubra classics they’ve always found a way to get away with not wearing any hat at all and knowing how harsh Australian sun can be I have to find the ways to trick them into wearing the adequate head protection so when I mentioned all it takes is a hat to turn them both into cowboys they immediately bought into it. Piece of cake! They look so cute in their little Wranglers country western cowboy hats that I’ve already filled up a whole USB with photos of them modelling for me; if I could freeze the moment, I sure would. Feeling my luck while I still have the chance to have a say in their wardrobe I couldn’t resist buying them matching Thomas Cook shirts and of course iconic western boots, Ariat’s Heritage.

The more they wear their cowboy outfits the more they warm up to them, so much so they even wear them when they play out some of their father’s stories or memories of the last time they’d been at the countryside. As stylish and appealing the lifestyle and clothing may appear, the value lies in the work ethic behind it so we don’t shy away from teaching them the importance of it. Much to my surprise they not only have full understanding, they’re more than happy to end their playtime and help out their grandparents. Right now they’re split when it comes to choosing whether they prefer the city or farm life, and we have yet to see where their paths may lead them, the charming quiet life or the hustle and bustle.