Why Cats Need Their Own Beds

Here’s Why Cats Need Their Own Beds

It’s no secret cats love to sleep. Any cat owner can confirm this fact as they watch their beloved felines catching the z’s about 12 to 16 hours a day on average. Unlike us humans, they spend the day at rest and are awake at night, so it’s safe to call them night owls.

These incredible sleeping patterns help cats in the wilderness preserve the much-needed energy during the day for later use when they’re hunting after dark. Even though our lovely, domesticated felines have everything they could wish for at home when it comes to nutrition, and they don’t have the necessity to go hunt their own food, this sleeping habit persists.

As owners, what we can do to assist them with this is to supply kitties with comfortable cat beds created to ensure hours of snoozing in ultimate relaxation and privacy. Besides being a welcome addition to the interior décor, as there are various fancy designs that would fit in seamlessly in your abode, you get to have your precious furniture pieces all to yourself.

From the super cosy cuddler and cocoon beds to the tunnel-like design, igloo and cave for those kitties who love more of their privacy, your cat is truly spoiled for choice! When picking from these options, it’s advisable to take the fabric into account too, to be certain it’s going to be nice on your feline’s skin and fur, and easy to care for at that.

Why Get a Cat Bed?

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Let’s be honest, as much as we love them, there comes a day when we want to keep our throws, blankets and quality bed linen fur-free. And we don’t feel like sharing the ideal couch spot, much like Sheldon Cooper, or the ergonomic desk chair that improves the comfort level and posture .

In case you don’t mind sharing all the comfy spots around your home with your cat and wonder why it’s necessary to add a bed on the list of all the basic cat supplies such as a cat litter, bowls, special food and treats, toys, harnesses and collars, read up. The following benefits shine some light on the matter.

A Spot of Comfort

Cats are ultimate fans of comfort, that’s why you’ll find them all around the house in search of the most (in)appropriate spots that offer them the needed warmth and privacy for their long and refreshing naps. Unlike other furnishings, cat beds are designed with your cat’s health and well-being in mind, so they can provide your beloved furry friend with the right amount of comfort and support.

Same as when you go on the quest to find the right mattress that would help you make the most of your sleep, and prevent you from waking up with aches and pains, the specialised bed for your pet would take care of your worries regarding ergonomics and posture. Moreover, such beds are also created to offer thermoregulating properties thanks to the use of materials such as wool, faux fur, and cloths that are soft to touch, easy to care for, and would provide your kitty with the needed warmth or coolness.

A Solution for Health Issues

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As long as they feel cosy, cats can sleep anywhere – even on flat and rough surfaces. Apart from such choices not working in favour of their comfort and posture, they can take their toll on their well-being. For example, rubbing their elbows when sleeping on these surfaces can create issues with ulcers from all the pressure points. This is easily solved with a well-chosen cat bed that’s designed to relieve them.

The skin and ulcer worries aside, there’s also the worry of joint problems related to cat ageing and arthritis. If you’ve got an older feline, chances are he or she is already suffering or at risk of developing such problems. An orthopaedic bed is the perfect investment because it’s made to support the joints, thus offer the needed comfort and prevent the problems from escalating.

A Place of Their Own

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Cats are territorial creatures and having cat beds they can claim as their own is just what they need to make them feel part of the home and family. This would also help solve the issue of having to lend your own favourite spots to them, so it’s the trick up your sleeve if you’ve wanted to discourage them from sleeping in unwanted locations around the home.

A word of caution, though, if you have more pets, be sure to check whether or not all of them like to snuggle up and sleep together before purchasing a bigger bed they can share. This would save you from unnecessary stress and drama like you see in the “My Cat From Hell” show!