I love love love Bohemian fashion style

Fellow fancy-looking, newbie mommies let’s talk about fashion and styles now that we feel like all the time we own is completely dedicated to our little ones and we only have a moment to throw on something completely random and leave the house.

As an interior designer, you could only imagine how much attention I pay to clothes, accessories, shoes and bags. Then why not a fashion designer or a stylist, you’d ask? Well, not to brag, but I always had the eye for good things, and combining colours and materials to create an eye-catchy vision was never any challenge for me. Interior design isn’t just a challenge for me, it is also a passion, and the fact that I am good with the basic stuff like colours and materials only eases my work.

Back to the topic. I like to define my personal dressing style as a smooth combination of elegance and boho (although there’s no woman that’s strictly dedicated to one style; it’s impossible). I am completely obsessed with this style, I had a Bohemian-style wedding and even designed the accessories myself; the lace and leather bracelet that is (the one in the picture below where I am dancing with my dad at my wedding).


So why do I love, love, love Boho style? Simple – it gives me the freedom to combine and layer different pieces and still look classy and chic at the same time. For example, a typical outfit I’d choose for work would consist of a knee-length wide skirt in floral print with a simple black shirt or a T-shirt made of some unconventional material and elegant black Louboutin high heels. To complete the vision, I’d use boho accessories and voila – I look chic and decent at the same time!

How is it possible to combine boho accessories with Louboutins that are known for their immense elegance and attitude? Oh, it’s more than possible ladies. First of all, have in mind boho philosophy: freedom and possibility to do whatever you want and how ever you want it. Which means no social boundaries and prejudices should stop you from wearing the outfits you feel great in. At least that’s how I see things so let my creativity take over every time I want to look unique. Second thing to discuss here, have you seen how gorgeous boho accessories are?! I am completely in love with everything boho; necklaces (they’re my weakness, I have a bunch of them), earrings, rings, bracelets, scarves and clothing!

Isn’t it a little unconventional for a new mommy to look like a walking boho queen? Well, let’s be honest, we oftentimes look like we’ve put on whatever is in our closet (hats off to the first-time mums who manage to look like Jennifer Lopez), so why not at least be stylish in the intention? I love caftans and ponchos in Boho style, and putting on a pair of Boho earrings with my black sweater and yoga pants literally saves the look when I’m in a rush and have no time to prepare. And let me not forget my collection of hats that are my must-have complete Boho look: fedoras in all shapes and sizes, beannies and french barrets in all colours. You know how having a little baby sometimes makes you forget to actually wash your?. Hats of all types are life savers for those exact little horror stories.

There’s a thing with Boho fashion – it’s very versatile and it makes it easy to combine it with other pieces. And we all know the eternal mantra: ‘accessories bring life to every dull outfit’, so if you simply can’t get out of those black yoga pants and black tee, just throw on a Boho poncho and a long Boho necklace – trust me, it’s more than an appealing vision.