3 Wheeled Scooters Sure are Fun, but Second Time Was a Charm for This Mum

Jade (my BFF) always gets my kids presents that they love (and I don’t 100% approve). For Ethan’s 5th birthday, she got him a gift that drove both him and me crazy – a kids push scooter. Me, being the overly-protective mum, didn’t think a push scooter was the best present option for a kid who had just turned 5.

But Jade, once again, showed me that I was wrong and that it was time to accept the fact that my kids are growing up and are no longer babies. Of course, for Ethan, Jade is the cool aunt he wants to hang out with, and I … well, I’m just mum. I know he’s still young to understand my fears, but to be honest, I got jealous of Jade. Just a tiny bit, but enough to make me want to be one of those cool Pinterest mums. So what I did was I got one of those 3 wheeled scooters for toddlers for my younger one. Yes, the younger one, believe it or not. I’m good though; nervous at times but generally, I’m content. Maybe because I finally realized that it’s time to let my babies grow up or because the model I got has such great features. Oh well, it’s the latter. 😀

The model of 3 wheeled scooters for toddlers that I chose for Noah is the Mini2Go Deluxe. It comes with a handle that allows me to control how fast he goes and actually gives him a little help to go forward. It also features a storage space (basically a draw), that I often use to hold the kid’s water and snack for when we go for a ride in the park. The draw can be easily removed so that the mini to go transforms into a conventional scooter. The hand bar can also be adjusted, which means that the optimum height can be adjusted as Noah grows (the scooter suits kids up to the age 5).


Another great feature that I like in this scooter is its intelligent mobility system that helps promote kids’ motor skills and sense of balance. The three wheels make it possible for the scooter to stand on its own, making it easier to ride and control.

So, I guess what I have to say to Jade is a big thanks for opening my eyes to the benefits and fun of letting the kids ride a scooter. With the help of proper safety gear (helmet, elbow and knee pads) I have been managing to keep the boys safe and pretty much scratch-free.