Easy Ways to Get Your Best Brows Ever: Enhance What You Have

It’s funny how as women we can’t fail to notice a good set of eyebrows. And at the moment this means defined, fluffy and face-framing brows without obscuring your other features. But how do you get them? According to eyebrow technicians, behind every great brow are great brushes and quality makeup products.

Maybe you have bushy eyebrows, very light ones, or none at all. Going tweezer happy at home, having a poor eyebrow wax or thinning your brows can leave you with an awkward brow shape. No matter your current brow situation, you can make them appear natural by filling them in using specific techniques, tools and colours.

And these techniques aren’t limited to fixing brow mishaps. Even if you have a great shape, several strokes of colour can bring out your eyes, enhancing your look. Light brows tend to disappear, especially when wearing a full face of makeup. You can take care of this with a pencil and powder.

Which Brushes to Use for Eyebrows?

eyebrows brushes
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A range of brushes for eyebrows is available, each serving its own purpose in helping you create naturally textured-looking eyebrows. Using the wrong brushes can make it difficult to draw your brows successfully while finding the perfect ones will allow you to draw the perfect brow. Which eyebrow brushes to buy will depend on the products you’re pairing it with as well as your personal needs and preferences.

Medium Angled

Considered the basic brown brush, it can be used for both outlining brow shape or filling in eyebrow gaps. It is also a great brush for precise blending in colour and distributing evenly.

Small Angled

Highly useful for filling in all the small gaps and emphasizing the brows. Its small tip makes it super for lining or filling in ends or the eyebrows. Experts say that using a small brow brush helps create a more natural-looking than using a brow pencil.

Large Angled

Large angled eyebrow brushes are great for those with fuller brows. It helps to achieve a natural finish to the brows quickly, allowing for even application of brow powder with a stencil.


If you have arch-shaped eyebrows, this is a must-have brow brush to have in your kit. Also, if you like soft-looking eyebrows, this brush is for you. The round tip makes it easy to draw curved lines so used it to trace the top line of the brow.


The puff brush is great for filling in the head of the eyebrows with light, short strokes. It helps distribute powder lightly and evenly and can also be used to highlight the brow bone.


After you line your brows, use the spoolie brush to brush out harsh lines. It blends brow colour with ease, leading to a finished look.

What Makeup Do I Need for My Eyebrows?

eyebrows makeup
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There is a variety of eyebrow makeup products that you can use to define your eyebrows. One of them is eye shadow. You can fill your brows with an eye shadow or a brow powder that is the same tone as your brows. Another option is eyebrow pencils, which are great for filling in your brows. Just make sure to keep the tip sharpened. If you opt for a twist-up pen, find one with a fine point.

Eyebrow gels and waxes are also available. Eyebrow gel comes in many different formulas but is mostly meant to darken and shape your brow hairs. Brow was has a stronger hold and can be used to really mould your brow hairs into the look you want. Both products can be used to help shape full brown while eyebrow gels can be used to both shape and add pigment.

How to Apply Eyebrow Makeup

apply eyebrow makeup
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If you have thin brows or brows with gaps, you may want to start with a pencil as it will give you more control and allow you to draw in eyebrow hairs where there are none. Start with any sparse areas around your archers and move towards the tail of your brows, using short strokes in the direction of brow growth. If needed, fill in the inner corner with upward, outward strokes.

Use an angled brush and a brow powder to fill in gaps. This will help set your work done with the brow pencil. To fill in gaps, sweep the brush in the direction of hair growth. If you prefer, you can use eyebrow powder instead of a pencil to achieve a softer look. Use the spoolie brush to comb through your brows to remove any clumps or makeup left by the brow pencil or powder.

Use a concealer that is one shade lighter than your skin tone to highlight the arch and enhance the shape of your brows. This will help to sharpen your eyebrow makeup and make your brows pop. Use a flat angled brush to apply a thin line of the concealer at the base of your eyebrow and blend it with a blending brush. You can take your brow makeup look one step further by adding a small amount of highlighter or a strobing stick to the arch of your eyebrows.