Outdoor Sun Lounges

How My Outdoor Sun Lounge Instantly Launches Me to Lush Life

You know how people say that some habits die hard? Especially those from your wild youth, the ones that brought you so much pleasure and happiness such as careless days laying on a sun bed and sunbathing with a bunch of friends, cold beer, fancy music and maybe a cigarette or two. Don’t judge me, you’ve all done it! Mind me being a mother now, but back in the days I was a little rebel. OK, not the type you’re imagining right now, but I definitely didn’t have that much principles and rules, opinions and attitudes back then. Generally speaking.

And one of my favourites, that I still do today, was exactly that: laying in my sun lounge bed in the backyard with a bottle of cold beer and soaking up the sun, without a care in the world and without any clock to tickle in my head that I have to do this and that. Laying in the sun until it sets down? Why not. Ah, the good days.

I kept that habit as much as the present situation I am in allows me to. Except that now I do it with a glass of red or rose or white wine and I listen to jazz, because I want some peace and quiet instead of party and mental turbulent drifting away. The life of a housewife, what can I say.

An inevitable element of that concept, I must say is the bliss of having a backyard. If you’ve been following my posts, I once explained how much the small backyard means to me and why I didn’t choose to live in a building in the first place. Anyway, me, my backyard and my outdoor sun lounges – the holy trinity. OK, the wine too, but that’s understandable. And here ladies, the important thing is to choose outdoor sun lounges that will be comfortable, eye-appealing so they trick you into enjoying, and durable because you’re going to love the idea of living the lush life with a wine glass in your hand.

When talking about sun lounges, the first thing that pops in everyone’s mind is the sight of them by a pool. I like to distort that picture a little; I have my sun lounge bed placed in the small patio area in the backyard, and my view is on my perfect, small corner with roses and the lush greenery around it. My sun lounge bed is a Tahiti Sun Lounge. It has unbelievably sleek lines and very fancy design in general. Along with a small table next to it, it’s my retreat for getting away from all the fuss, the crowd and the loudness in my home. With a glass of wine and a little jazz in the background, me and the Sun have a lovely gathering every Sunday afternoon.

Besides the Tahiti Sun Lounge, there are also other models you can choose from for your lounge area. There are cushions and large pillows, beds made of wicker and soft cushions to lay on and a lot more models. According to your taste and desires, and of course, the design and purpose of your backyard, choose the one that most suits you. Also, you don’t necessarily need to use the bed only for sunbathing; some nights are simply calling out for admiring the stars. Make sure you have the area arranged with some candle lights or small lanterns for an extra illuminating effect.

Yes, I’d say the lounge bed is a pretty good convenience for spending summer days and nights in a lovely outdoor ambiance. Chairs are OK, but beds are the real thing.