Fedora: The Perfect Summer Hat to Top Off Your Outfits

Ladies, hear my struggle: as spring advances with each passed day, I can’t seem to handle the shining sun in my eyes during the day! I’ve been particularly busy lately, running around town doing all kinds of things as I am working on a new project. Yes, I do wear sunglasses, but it’s just not enough. I feel like my head burns at some point of the day. Plus, I love spring and all the beauties it brings, but I can’t be on-the-go ready at all times, my hair is sometimes my worst enemy.

So, after analysing the spring fashion scene a little, I concluded this: a woman should always wear a hat during the day when the sun is all up high and burning. And yes, I did some reading as well; not just that it damages our skin and makes it age faster, the sun also damages our hair. Now imagine this: I’ve been doing oil treatments and massages to my hair and scalp during the entire winter, and now the sun turns all my efforts into a piece of burned, frizzy hair?! No way. Introducing: ladies summer hats!

I know you’re confused now – summer hats aren’t news. And they aren’t, but I bet you’re not always reaching for the hat when you go out. At least I wasn’t. But now, after searching through the ladies summer hats offers, I bought the one that perfectly matches my style and needs: a fedora made of straws, with a black detail and a wide brim to keep my eyes and face covered. As fancy as it can possibly get!

Naturally, I made all the possible outfits with which I can wear my new fedora – shorts and shirts, jeans and high heels, long wide beach dresses and even with my swimsuit on the beach! It’s really versatile in its use which is one of the many reasons why I love it! The fact that the fedora has a black detail allows me to combine a bag with it – a black large tote I use daily as I find it so convenient and spacious.


I get that many women simply don’t have the courage to wear a straw summer fedora. It’s not easy to combine such a piece of accessory with your clothes without disrupting your style. For those of you who belong to this group, something like a visor hat, or maybe fedoras with extra large and wide brim that cover most of your face. The first ones would perfectly complement a sporty outfit, and the second ones would be a great addition to an elegant combination comprised of classic trousers and a very elegant crop top, for example. This points out to the importance of the occasion you’re going to wear your hat on. A fedora like mine is good for running errands around town, walks in the park, hitting the beach or while having coffee in town. But it is definitely not something I would pair with an elegant day dress for a day wedding, for example. That occasion asks for different clothing and accessories.

Bottom line, a summer hat is a good choice when you’re looking to make a refreshment in your look for the upcoming season. Whether it’s a straw one or not, it really depends on what you prefer to wear, how can you pair it with your handbags and shoes, as well as the occasions you generally attend. Well ladies, did you buy your summer hat and what did you choose?