Newborn Sleeping Nest: Cosy and Safe Like a Mother’s Womb

Aren’t you excited every time you hear a baby was born? I know I am! A close friend of mine recently gave birth to her first baby and invited me over for a visit to meet the bundle of joy and I couldn’t be happier.

Over a nice chat, which wasn’t as long as she’d wanted because her boy was in need of nursing and napping, we talked about all the things we’d done since the last time we saw each other, catching up, and of course most of the talk was actually about our lovely boys.

I have to admit it was the perfect opportunity to share some parenting ideas and tips as she’d wanted to get the concern off her chest on whether or not sharing the bed with a newborn is good. I’ve heard all sorts of explanations as to why it’s beneficial and why it’s not, read different stories over the internet, so from personal experience I told her to do whatever she thinks is best; after all, no baby is the same.

Since she mentioned both her and her husband prefer to co-sleep with their boy, I got the idea of what to give her as present to help her out: newborn sleeping nest. I’ve used one with Matthew and I’ve loved the concept of nests ever since, especially how comfortable and antibacterial they are as well as child-friendly, no presence of harmful chemicals thanks to the carefully chosen OCS certified fabrics and CE tested foam.

As it turns out it’s a Swedish concept and so highly used with Swedes and Scandinavians altogether that even some maternity wards over the countries use them and the trend is quickly catching up worldwide too because of how beneficial the nests are.

The design makes them feel like a mother’s womb, cosy and safe, providing the baby with a sleeping space it can feel familiar with as it’s easy to place the newborn sleeping nest in a cradle or cot, and it even allows for travelling adventures carrying it with you on planes and hotel rooms. It’s also great if you’re transitioning from the bed to sleeping in a crib because the familiar smell would be all around.

When used for co-sleeping, it’s important to remember to place the baby’s head on top of the nest, at the head level of the parents. Another benefit parents adore about sleeping nests is how adjustable they are, so when your baby grows they grow with it; all it takes is pulling the strings and tying them accordingly.

I haven’t given my friend her present yet and I can’t wait to surprise her; fingers crossed I won’t spill the beans before I get to see her!