shoes for dancing

Dancing: The Passionate Hobby for Married Couples

There’s nothing better than waking up next to your best friend! I enjoy spending time with my husband day in and day out, and can certainly say we’ve reached a point in our relationship where we simply don’t even have to say a word, just a facial expression is enough to make a statement and we love it.

Yes, I’m aware it might not sound exciting but having comfort over “butterflies in the stomach” feeling is what I’d choose any time. I’m going to be frank in saying there aren’t boring moments as we tend to have fun with each other and our sons, but lately we’ve been trying to revive our spark and keep fights away from our home.

Date nights seem impossible sometimes because one of us is always falling asleep on the couch, and we don’t agree on the films to watch occasionally so trying to find something new and refreshing for both of us led us to dancing.

shoes for dancing

The Preparations

Though we aren’t couch potatoes and we stay active weekly, we figured exercising at the gym wasn’t going to be our romantic hobby, it had to be something fun, offering lots of giggles and learning and since neither had ever gone through dancing lessons, there was no doubt dancing was the one. We only took some time in deciding which dance it was going to be and after various considerations, we figured rhythmic worked best for us.

If you ask me, I’d rather appear in my sneakers because I’m that casual and love my comfort, yet knowing it’s a dance room after all where moves are of the utmost importance in mastering the rhythm dance, we went shopping for specialised shoes for dancing.

Can I just say I love my pair of open-toe heels? I feel empowered wearing them, so much so I forget I’m not a professional dancer, and just let my husband lead the way without worrying whether I’d step on his foot.

Though they’re made to suit cute performance dresses, I still haven’t worn them with one and stick to my tee plus leggings combos but one of these days I’m going to surprise my hubby with a special dress I’ve been hiding in my closet!

If you’re wondering whether or not dancing is for you, out of fear there are too many expenses on equipment rest assured for a start you need the right pair of shoes for dancing and clothing that’s comfortable and allows you to make all the moves without obstructions. Then again, if your fear is having two left feet and you aren’t good with dancing, my advice is to just relax and give yourself time – you’d be amazed by how skilled of a dancer you’d turn out to be.

Trust me, I know because my husband was having these same doubts, always feeling shy and lacking confidence, yet now that we’ve started we just can’t seem to have enough of it; rhythm dancing has made him forget about his self-consciousness and doubts, and helped him focus on me and the dance floor instead.

shoes for dancing

The Benefits

It’s true what they say, couples who sweat together stay together, and you don’t have to go to the gym to be able to do so. Besides, apart from being such a great workout, allowing you to tune in to your body, feel every muscle, dancing is passionate as you get to sync with your partner’s body, feel their heartbeat and stay close to each other.

My favourite part is when our eyes meet! That’s what’s always reassuring, looking at my best friend, his eyes stuck on me, it’s like no one else exists in the class at that moment, just me and him. I don’t have to go too far in explaining why this flirting takes us back to the passionate beginning of our relationship. Who needs therapy when you can dance away your problems?

Some individuals may even prefer this over couples’ therapy because it provides you with the chance to sort things out without even saying a word thanks to all the non-verbal communication responsible for bringing back the romance in the relationship; no speaking, just feel things through! Lack of communication is usually among the top reasons leading to a divorce and so is not knowing how to express yourself properly, find the right words, but with dancing there’s no fear of miscommunication.

shoes for dancing

Don’t be surprised if after the dance is over you somehow feel more in love with your partner than ever before because there’s an increase in the “love hormone” oxytocin making you both feel even more emotionally attuned.

Then again, speaking of the fun part, you’re never bored because there are always some new moves to try, new steps to master, and it’s these kind of challenges you learn to overcome with your partner.

My husband may have been reluctant to dancing in the beginning however now he finds he enjoys it a great deal he wants to have more than two classes per week. Sometimes we just put on our shoes for dancing and dance at home, our own dance floor, and it’s magical!

If you feel stuck in a rut in your relationship, fights have subtly made their way into your daily life, it’s time to turn to dancing.