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Closet Talk: Types of Dresses a Woman Should Have

I’m no fashion expert, designer, model, or digital influencer whose looks you should copy. That being said, I still know a thing or two about wardrobe staples that I absolutely swear by. And dresses happen to be some of them. Despite what it may sound, I’m not the kind of woman who only wears womanly outfits, as I have my own choices of leisure and streetwear you can often see me in.

However, the reason why I have come to appreciate dresses as much as I do now is that they’re always a safe choice in “nothing to wear” scenarios when you want to impress with your looks yet don’t have the time or money for anything too fancy. In other words, they’ve got the same fashionable power as easy yet elegant two-minute updo hairstyles like buns and topknots. This is true for women of all ages!

With so many options of Australian fashion dresses available at the stores, I hear you when you say it’s too difficult to make the right choice. As I’ve shared with you one of my strategies in the types of clothes a woman should have blog post, it gets easier when you focus on the basics when creating your list of must-haves beyond the little black dress. Which in terms of dresses would be something like this.

A Lace Dress

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source: Nataliya Vaitkevich on pexels

You didn’t think the LBD was the only staple, did you? The simple reasons you must include dresses with lace detailing in your collection are their timelessness and class. Lace alone can immediately elevate your look, providing you with the needed dose of charm and femininity – fit for various occasions you can think of.

The versatility they come in, such as various shapes and sizes for a flattering fit, makes them suitable for simple, day to day errands, work, and travel, as much as date nights and special events. Though black and white are most common, you’d be able to find lace Australian dresses at the well-stocked stores in other colours too.

If you plan on using them with extra pieces, you can dress them up with your choice of blazers, stilettos, and chic jewellery for a chic statement, or you can dress them down for your regular outings with a denim jacket and a pair of sneakers. Finish off with a handbag, or an attention-grabbing hat like a fedora, and you can be sure you’d make heads turn wherever you set foot.

A Midi Dress

picture of a woman in a black midi dress in front a  glass building
source: stylishlyme.com

Mini dresses are sexy, maxi dresses make for complete outfits, but they’ve got nothing the midi dresses offer which is year-round wear. It doesn’t matter which season it is, whether it’s hot or cold, they offer great outfits. Wear them on their own, or layered with cool jackets, pullovers, shawls, or even wear skirts over them, and get the fashionable blogger looks with minimal effort.

Available in various fabrics and designs that conform to the shape, with or without interesting necklines, sleeves, and side slits, these outstanding Australian fashion dresses are ideal even for the shorter gals. How to pull it off, you ask? It’s quite simple, really – just choose a design that’s slightly below or above mid-calf and wear high heels. And oh, for that ultimate stylish trick, don’t forget to define your waist with an intricate designer belt as the perfect accessory.

A Soirée Dress

picture of a woman in elegant dress in an classy living room
source: Вера Чурилова on pexels

What happens when you’re invited to a special evening gathering with dinner and drinks out of the blue? You turn to the help of an elegant soirée dress, of course! Yes, the classic combo of dark denim and blazer might be your favourite pick, but the “special” in the gatherings calls for frocking up which is the job for this type of gown.

They can easily get you dolled up, considering the Australian dresses online shops and retailers offer are available in various patterns, like floral, colours, in the example of the always trendy royal blue, and detailing such as V neck and chiffon overlay. Wear them with sandals, and bags, and you’ve got polished looks guaranteed.

A Casual Dress

picture of a woman with a wide smile wearing red flowered dress in front an orange wall
source: Ussama Azam on pexels

While the previous types I’ve covered were on the dressier side, I can’t overlook the importance of a casual one in the wardrobe either. There are moments, events, and days that don’t require anything too fancy which is what casual Australian fashion dresses are made for.

Available in cotton, denim, linen, in a wide range of sizes, from long and short, to midi, and forms like the influencer-favourite chemise, or the fun asymmetrical, there’s the perfect choice that would make you look your best even on the most easy-going occasions when you want something breezy and a pair of jeans simply won’t do.

Relaxing, spontaneous, and most importantly comfortable, what’s not to love about them? It doesn’t matter if you need them for taking care of grocery shopping, picking up the kids from school, or using them on casual Fridays at the office, what’s certain is they provide day-long comfort.