How to Organise and Update Your Outdoor Space in a Few Steps

Summertime is full of sun and fun. As a family with young children, we love spending our free days at the beach, going camping and hiking, and getting out for a few cricket outings. Still, the best part of our summers is lived right in our backyard. I believe that backyards are the perfect space for families to bond and enjoy each other’s company.

But for that to be possible, the outdoor space needs to be attractive and appealing, so it feels like an inviting place. A backyard cluttered with too much garden equipment, patio furniture and children’s toys will be more of a place you want to get away from than an enticing getaway. Use the following tips to turn your outdoor area into a fun and relaxing space for lounging and gathering.


The first step in any home organizing project is to get rid of your clutter. The same is true when it comes to arranging your outdoor living area. Begin by putting yourself in a cleansing frame of mind. If you spend too much time debating whether to keep or toss something, you’re definitely overthinking the situation. Take a chance. Either totally commit to maintaining something, knowing that you will not replace it, or destroy or donate it.

Create Storage

grey garden bike shed against a wall

There are many ways to create storage in your outdoor space. For example, you can use a beautiful storage ottoman that combines utility and aesthetics to keep cushions and throws tucked away. Outdoor toys can be kept organized and secure in a weather-resistant deck box where kids can easily access them. A bucket or basket make great storage solutions for garden hand tool. Larger garden tools can be hung on a wall or tool rack. An outdoor planter can be a great place to hide your garden house in an interesting and stylish way.

In our home, each of us has a bike, which we keep organised in a garden bike shed with ample storage. In addition to making our bikes easily accessible, the shed also protects our bikes from theft and weather. If you tend to park your bike out in the open in your backyard, this not only makes your outdoor space look cluttered, but can also get your bike covered in dirt and moisture, which can affect its quality, possibly leading to corrosion.

If you don’t have a garage, or don’t want your bike to take up precious garden space, a bike shed can be a convenient solution. Available in different sizes, garden bike sheds are relatively small and can be installed into any corner in the garden without much effort. Modern garden sheds can be found in a variety of colours and materials, meaning they can also help enhance the aesthetic appeal of your outdoor space.

But purchasing a bicycle shed has benefits that go beyond just storing your bike. Considering the fact that it’s a small room, a shed is an investment that can serve you for years to come. In case you eventually stop riding a bike and decide to sell it, you can still repurpose the space to store anything else you may need, like items that no longer fit into your home.

Rethink Your Usual Plan

Resist the urge to do things the same way you’ve always done them. You’re making a new start! Consider how you utilize your outdoor living area instead of submitting to old behaviours. Make a floor plan as you would for an interior room and then decide the best place for your kid’s cubby house, the outdoor storage like compact garden bike sheds, and all of the outdoor furniture pieces. Be strategic!

Rearrange Your Outdoor Furniture

garden outdoor furniture on wooden deck

Sometimes, all you need to make your outdoor space the perfect entertaining area is to rearrange your furniture and add a few thoughtful touches. Some people have a natural eye for where pieces should be arranged to best complement the space, while others struggle mightily with the process. And if you are considering purchasing new outdoor furniture, it can be even tougher to envision the ideal design.

An outdoor dining set is ideal for hosting outdoor dinners. For more casual relaxing and hosting, a selection of chaise lounges, chairs and side tables may be a better option. Even in small areas, it’s possible to create separate hosting areas. For example, you can balance out a dining set with a separate area for gathering around a fire pit. This will give your space dynamic energy for hosting – guests can flow from one conversation to another with this natural separation.

Same as with indoor home layouts, how a person moves and flows throughout the space should determine how the outdoor furniture ought to be arranged. Regardless of the size of your space, it’s good practice to make the space feel more open and less cramped. Consider focal points, entryways, plants, columns, and other things that require some sufficient room and a footpath within your space.

When arranging outdoor furniture close to a wall, always arrange the longest piece against the wall of the home or enclosed area. This will help create length while giving you the flexibility to move smaller pieces as necessary. It’s extremely important to create a pathway around the sitting area. This way, no one will have to interrupt a conversation by cutting through the centre of the area. Creating extra space around the seating will also help create the illusion of more room. In dining areas and fireside seating areas, it’s important to place your furniture within a safe distance from grills or open flame.

Add Potted Plants

flowers in pots

Outdoor decoration that is both useful and elegant is key to creating a lovely landscape. While redesigning your outside space, adding potted plants for colour and scent can help make the space more appealing. Aside from being attractive to the eye, plants also emit delightful smells that enhance the outdoor experience, particularly while resting outside in the summer!