Shake Things Up in Your Closet with the Right Plus Size Dresses

Though it’s not true for every woman in the world, most of us really dream of having spacious closets filled with trendy clothing pieces. And yet, the key to having a versatile closet doesn’t lie in quantity, but rather quality. And when I say quality I don’t only mean about brand and fabrics, but also the fit. If you don’t get clothes that flatter your body and are the right fit, then why even bother with your outfits and looks?

Yes, this goes for women who struggle with their weight too. Fashion has turned inclusive now more than ever, so it’s easy for women of all shapes and sizes to flaunt their best features in a flattering way with the right clothes. This is true even if you’re plus size.

Still, to be able to create a jaw-dropping result every time, you need to find pieces that are fashion-forward, work for your size, and show off your curves properly. That said, dresses are the pieces you can never go wrong with!

Finding the Ideal Plus Size Dresses

Dresses are the pieces that give you a full outfit with the least effort regardless of the occasion. There are numerous styles of plus size dresses for women you can try out. In case you’re unsure about the suitable models, give these a chance.

Maxi Dresses

picture of a woman dancing on a grass wearing long dress with sleeves
source: Yaroslav Shuraev on pexels

This specific design is timeless, so you can invest in it knowing it won’t wane in popularity with time. Since it’s available in both sleeveless styles for spring and summer and long-sleeved for autumn and winter, you can pick out a maxi dress for every season. Just remember to select the patterns carefully, preferably opting for larger ones for a more feminine and flattering result. Also, the fit and fabric are important, so choose a comfortable and relaxed fit like a tiered style made from fabrics that don’t stretch where they shouldn’t.

As far as colours go, dark and neutral plus size dresses for women like those in black, cocoa brown and navy are ideal for the colder days, whereas bright colours are better for the warm months. Designs with interesting necklines can be a choice for the more special occasions, like anniversaries, weddings, and business meetings, while something playful like off shoulder or one shoulder design can be great to add a little drama to your day-to-day ensembles.

Midi Dresses

If you’re looking for a light and airy version of the maxi dress, then pick out a midi dress. Depending on the event you’re buying it for, you can choose something made from cotton that’s plain and relaxed, with simple details like pockets, or something more attention-grabbing like women plus size dresses with show-stopping sleeves, patterns, v neckline, A-line skirt and elasticated cuffs in a silky crepe fabric.

The best thing about these dresses is even the more sophisticated ones can be downplayed and worn on everyday outings with a pair of sneakers and a leather or denim jacket. In case you want to use them year-round, you can easily pair them with comfortable leggings underneath.

Sheath Dresses

picture of a woman walking in heels wearing a green plus size sheath dress

If you want the right kind of attention for your curves, you need a sheath dress. This type is truly form-fitting and shows off the curvy body properly. It’s especially great if you have a large bust area, a more defined waist, and wide hips. You can find these plus size dresses for women in all kinds of variations, with or without sleeves, with different necklines, and in a variety of lengths. You’re going to love them also for the fabrics they can be found in, the stretchy ones fall nicely on the curves in a relaxing fit.

Wrap Dresses

No other type of dress is more forgiving to the extra weight or bodily imperfections than the wrap dress. Same as the little black dress, it’s a fashion staple you simply must have in your wardrobe. It’s versatile, available in sleeves in any length and style like the timeless ruches, as well as without sleeves, in single-coloured versions or with playful patterns, so there’s the right women plus size dress of the sort for any taste. Instead of trying to hide your curves, you can own them the right way by covering them up (or rather showing them off) with the perfect wrap dress.

Style Up the Ideal Plus Size Dresses

picture of a person wearing dress, with watch and hand bag
source: Cats Coming on pexels

Accessorise! Accessorise! Accessorise! I can’t emphasise this enough! Accessories are useful for changing up even the most ordinary outfits into glam and fashionable, but that’s not all there is to them. Take the belts as an example.

When you’re plus size, belts can be your best friend in need when you want to define your waist and visually cut out some of the extra kilos. You can experiment with ribbons too in case you’re after a more girly result. Necklaces are other welcome additions that can help add interest to your neck, elongating it or making it noticeable with any type of neckline design.

With additional clothing pieces and shoes, you can style up any of the maxi, midi, sheath and wrap dresses with a tailored blazer for a smart look, and a nice pair of leather ankle boots or stilettos. For a casual outfit, throw on a top over to make the dress look like a skirt, or choose a cardigan in an adequate colour. You’d be amazed by the outcome!