Body Pillow: Snoozing My Way to 7th Heaven

Before my children were born, I used to sleep like a log, no matter the bed or place. But today, as much as I love my kids and cannot fathom my life without them, I have to be honest – I can’t really remember when was the last time I got a decent amount of sleep. Yes, being pregnant is a real bliss, but there are some pretty uncomfortable and painful consequences that come after you’ve had your baby. Or babies, in my case. All the back pain and sudden leg cramps can be your enemy number one in times just when you thought you’d finally get a good night’s sleep (cause your kids are sleeping tight of course).

After waking up many mornings feeling like a zombie, and after getting frequent complaints from my husband that he couldn’t sleep because of all my tossing and turning, I decided I had to take matters in my hands. I was determined to find a solution to the problem; I did a thorough online research and there it was – my saviour, the body pillow.

The body pillow’s length is usually around 150cm, which is enough for me to rest my whole body on it while sleeping. It is designed to completely support the body from head to toes, it fits its shape and eliminates the need for extra pillows. And since it provides a full body support, now I get to sleep in my favourite position, on one side – which fortunately, experts consider to be the best position to sleep in.


But besides having no back pain and leg cramps anymore, now I’m also less stressed. I guess this is so because now my body and mind are fully rested, which makes me stronger and capable to deal with the challenges that every new day brings. So if you too have sleep problems or spend precious time adjusting your pillow so that you can actually fall asleep, then you should give the body pillow a try. By helping you to sleep in more therapeutic positions, you should experience spinal strain relief, leg, hip and shoulder strain relief as well as an improved circulation.

For those with special requirements, body pillows are available in different shapes and lengths. Plus, they can have a hypoallergenic fill and cover and can be made of anti-allergen materials. Here’s a great idea if you’re into essential oils – add a few drops of lavender essential oil on your body pillow. Just make sure you use pure essential oil and not a fragrance one. Beisdes making your room smell heavenly nice, lavender is also known to promote a better sleep. So go ahead and treat yourself in all the right ways. You surely deserve it!