Wooden Dollhouses aren’t Just for Girls: Imaginative Play Equals Developmental Benefits

Though as we grow up, we get so caught in the day to day lives full of errands, forgetting to look for and appreciate the simplicity in life we used to have when we were kids, being a parent has taught me how to nurture my inner child.

Of course, with two sons, it’s not always easy to play the games I used to when I was a child myself (which makes me consider trying my luck with a third child, to get a girl), but I’ve learnt how to be creative, taking part in boys’ games – something that came to a twist one day.

Knowing how much my boys love toys, I got on the quest online to find new entertainment for them, not seeing Noah had been by my side the whole time, making his pick silently. Much to my surprise, he was all in awe upon seeing the wooden dollhouse furniture for toddlers section, and it was then I realised boys can make use of dollhouses as much as girls can, getting the same developmental benefits.

Wooden dollhouse furniture

Who said dollhouses are just for girls anyway?! Imaginative play helps kids explore the surrounding world. Besides, the dollhouse I got has proven to be the perfect means to teach my boys important lessons and values in life, not letting strict gender roles interfere. I must admit I love playtime with my sons, and I’ve enjoyed seeing them learn a great deal about staying organised, playing cleaning, and cooking.

The last thing I want is raising lazy, insensitive individuals who can’t prepare their own meal, don’t pick up after their own mess, don’t know how to do their own dishes, and laundry, or even lack the ability to express emotions. It’s up to us parents to end it with the stereotypes, encouraging such play, and show it has nothing to do with identity issues.

Now I can rest assured, having taught them something as basic as this, they’d be polite, and participate in the home chores with their better halves when the time comes (the mind of mummies sure travels far…).

What I love about wooden dollhouse furniture for toddlers is having the choice to pick from ranges of complete house sets, to individually themed room sets; taking part in dollhouse related games with Ethan and Noah has helped me show them things about my job, and why I love it as much as I do, teaching them how to arrange the rooms, and the home in general.

In other words, these toys have made for the perfect bonding time with my boys. Sure, boys will be boys, and from the occasional play they do end up crashing dollhouse items, shifting from quiet to noisy cars and trains play in an instant, but all in all, it’s been a great playtime experience for them, so it’s really something that makes me proud.