How to Choose the Perfect Hiking Headlights for Your Next Hiking Trip

You know how me and Eliza went camping a couple of days ago? It was a very nice experience, absolutely relaxing and soothing for both body and mind. We got well-organized and stashed our backpacks with food, got a tent for the two of us, some books to read and a few oil treatments for a quiet DIY aromatherapy session. It was rather calming, and after a week of work, household tasks and going on meetings, as exhausted as I am on Friday – a trip to the woods for a dose of fresh air and a little rest for the eyes would do wonders.

However, being static won’t bring you much good; none at all as a matter of fact. That’s why, instead of camping, this time I decided to go hiking with my husband. Hiking is more than just a good physical activity, it’s also calming and relaxing and interesting as you get to explore all the beauty nature offers. However, all beautiful details aside, hiking isn’t as easy as it may look like. It comes down to long (sometimes exhausting) walks on trails that aren’t very walker- friendly. Also, you’ll probably have to sleep under open skies which means you need to be properly equipped for the trip.

The last time I bought a led lenser, which is great and still serves its purpose. But in order to be fully able and capable to function in an environment like high mountain trails, you need to have both of your arms free, not one being occupied by holding a flashlight. For that reason, I bought hiking headlights for the two of us. These are like a headband with a light bulb attached to them with no need for you to hold them with your hands.

Moreover, these aren’t just simple headlights as they may appear. On the contrary, they turned out to be a state of the art piece of hiking equipment, which I realized once I analysed the many features they offer. First of all, they have a neutral white LED light source which is digitally regulated. In addition, they have reverse polarity protection, side switch interface and a red utility light! Plus, their design is just so eye-appealing: made of high-grade aluminium that sparkles thanks to the type III hard-anodised anti-abrasive finish. The lens are made with toughened ultra-clear glass and strengthened with a reflective coating. Plus, they’re waterproof. Talk about full gear.

My husband was pretty amazed by my abilities to shop for stuff that are supposed to be a man’s duty. He liked the hiking headlights so much he instantly thought of a few other occasions he’d use them which kind of made me really proud of myself. And if you ask how our trip went – it was great, with enough adventure, relaxation, touch with nature and of course, a dose of romance.