Venetian Blind

Venetian Blind: Let Stylishness in While Keeping Out Sun Rays

We’re hoping for a little white snowy idyll this winter although the chances for snow here in Melbourne aren’t exactly high. I want Matthew to see the blinding whiteness and enjoy a real winter ambiance with the snow, the frozen ocean shores, the leafless trees and the entire nature dressed in white. I personally love winter because of all that romantic beauty it delivers, and because there’s nothing I enjoy more than sitting with my husband in front of the fireplace with a glass of red and a warm blanket. Somehow everything is cosier in winter, so having that in mind, I decided to add a touch of warm charm to my bedroom.

The bedroom is usually the room where we tend to avoid sunlight the most, because who can sleep with so much sunlight in their eyes? Mine is decorated in a blend of modern and vintage style, with the vintage elements dominating a little more. With that in mind, I decided to add a little vintage charm to my windows with the venetian blind type of covers, so that they complement the room’s design pattern and offer a solid sun protection at the same time. I love the sun, but not in my bedroom.

I chose venetian blind type of window covers because they’re probably the best choice for creating a romantic atmosphere in a room like the bedroom. They can be made to perfectly fit the size of the window so they don’t go over the edges and be kind of eye-soaring when you look at them. Moreover, they are made of higly adjustable material like PVC which contributes to the large versatility in styles you can incorporate them in. Think PVC venetian blinds in various colours like nuances of white and timber like colours. Venetians are a great option if your bedroom is in pastel colours such as pink or green soft and gentle nuances. Your walls would also be white so you can allow a little freedom here in choosing pearly white colour or creamy white – they’d both fit perfectly.

The option I went with for my bedroom is the timber coloured venetians. These are a little more specific as they can’t complement just about any interior design scheme. First of all, they’re a shade of brown, which from the very start is kind of limiting in the process of combining them with other colours. Think about it: strong, firey red bedding and timber looking venetians? No. I went with bedding in cream colour, the venetians in timber nuance, and the carpet in a dark brown nuance that goes perfectly well with the rest of my bedroom furniture like the make up table, the bedside nightstands and the wardrobes. The venetians wrap up the room’s appearance in a very harmonious and stylish way.

Although a lot of interior designers claim that every room should have a substantial amount of sunlight entering through the windows, I’d stand by my opinion that in the bedroom in particular, darkness should be given a priority. However, that doesn’t mean that sunlight should never see the inside of this room, which is why choosing proper window coverings that can offer quality sun protection and still allow a little sunlight in, is the right way to do it in your bedroom.