When Your Mac Runs Slow Don’t Weep Like a Baby, Hire Pros

I am fortunate to say that I am not a person who panics. I try to avoid stressful situations as much as possible, but some events simply slap you in the face with their stormy occurrence. Like when yesterday, for example, my dear Matthew tried to play with my Mac Book Pro, but found the large glass of wine next to it more interesting. And since his little hand can’t even grab the glass, normally he pushed it and the lap top, which I paid quite the amount for, was all covered in liquid. I instantly got the chills all over my body; my precious Mac, my photos, my projects, my online books and everything! Gone! Oh my God, the terrors that went through my mind.

Matthew is still too small, so punishing him in any way would have been just a stupid waste of time. Crying about the lost laptop also wouldn’t have helped, so the next thing I could do in all that confusion was look for an IT solutions company in Australia. Except the problem with the shortage of memory I had, I’ve never touched a computer in my life (talking about solving a problem of it, not working on one). However, I am informed enough to know that having liquid on a laptop is definitely not a good thing. So hiring an IT company gave me a little hope that my expensive, carefully chosen Mac will be saved and my data restored. Believe me, I literally had tears in my eyes when the people from the company came to take my precious laptop.


After calming myself a little, I went to Eliza and told her what happened. She calmed me with her story about a friend of hers who had a similar experience and also hired an IT solutions company in Australia, one with a very good reputation. Apparently, these companies have staff made of people who are like these computer magicians that can perform all kinds of wonders with your laptop (the blessings of being an information technology – savvy person). Anything from water damage (wine in my case), damaged screens or completely damaged Motherboards can be repaired in their offices. They can also upgrade your operating system and make all the necessary backups of your most essential data.

What impressed me the most is that they had specialists that work only with Apple products. Normally, you’d have to report your problem to the nearest Apple store and schedule an appointment for an inspection of your laptop. After that, the person at the store would take it and call you when the repairs are done. That can take up to several weeks – time I believe none of you has on disposal. This is a digital era, we get up, live the day and go to sleep on our laptops! No one can afford to be without their essential piece of live support for two weeks!

So I waited for 2 days, and then they called and said they’ve restored most of my data. Some of the things were gone for good, but most importantly, I got my device back. The guys were kind enough to bring my laptop to my home since I wasn’t exactly able to leave the house at the moment and I needed it ASAP.

In conclusion, never leave your kid around your laptop, because God forbid, it may not be a glass of wine, you may be left without an entire screen some day!