Why Should Bamboo Pajamas Be on the List of All Mamas

Bamboo Pajamas Baby 1

Those who know me know that I put extra effort into leading a healthy lifestyle – I do yoga, go hiking, swimming, and I’m pro-organic. I try to pass these healthy habits to my kids, both when it comes to eating and play-time. I am also very particular when it comes to sleep. We all know that 7-9 hours of sleep is a must, however, I believe that the number of hours is not the only thing that contributes to the quality of sleep. Mattress and bed are more important, but so are sheets and pajamas.

For me, pajamas are more important than the sheets since clothing is in direct contact with a child’s skin. So I make sure my boys wear eco-friendly pajamas such as bamboo or organic cotton, and not just my boys, but my friends’ kids too. I even got the nickname “pajamas aunty” because on every baby shower, birthday, or any other milestone, I would bring organic pajamas as a present.

Last week, I went to a friend’s baby shower and guess what a bought? A bamboo pajamas baby present. I chose a model with 2-way zipper as it makes nappy change super easy (I know from my own experience with Ethan and Noah), as well as fold over cuffs on the feet to provide extra warmth and comfort for the baby. It was also a priority for me to choose a bamboo pajamas baby model with tog rating 0.5 due to the warmer weather now.

Bamboo Pajamas Baby 2

From all the organic pajamas available, bamboo pajamas are my favorite at the moment. I used to like organic cotton pajamas, but since I’ve tried pajamas made of bamboo textiles, they had become my number-one choice. Made with breathable fiber, bamboo pajamas are amazingly soft and also highly durable. They also offer instant warmth and help regulate a child’s temperature, which gives me peace of mind and confidence that my kids are protected, and this also means better sleep and comfort for them.

Furthermore, organic bamboo fibre is harvested and manufactured without the use of pesticides and artificial fertilizes, synthetic chemicals or dyes, and has a low environmental impact – very important features for me. The fibre is also antibacterial, antifungal and anti-static, meaning my children have lower risk of developing skin rashes and allergies. Some studies have also shown that bamboo clothing can even provide comfort and relief for babies experiencing skin sensitives, like eczema.

Soft, breathable, antibacterial, sustainable, and much more, bamboo pajamas really deserve a try!