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Automated Blinds: A Smart Feature that Enhances the Quality of Life

Up until some years ago, smart homes were thought of as something only a few would have or could benefit from. I was one of those who looked at it as a kind of unnecessary investment, especially when there were alternatives that served us fine before the smart even appeared.

Well, fast forward to today, and I’m getting to like the idea of having a fully automated home. And, user-friendly automatic blinds are a recent smart investment that continues to surprise me with the various benefits it offers.

Automated means these are window treatments that are motorised within the roller mechanism, and this automation is done with the wiring, battery, or solar power connection, or a mix of the wiring to give you more reliability when the power’s out. You can then operate them with a remote or a switch. The more advanced designs can also be introduced to the smart home system and operated through an app.

Are Automated Shades Worth It?

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The initial budget you use for them is well worth it if you keep in mind all the advantages they can provide your home with over the years. I primarily got them to increase my home’s security when we’re out on one of our family camping trips, by fooling prying eyes and potential intruders into thinking that we’re in when in fact we’re out. But, there’s far more to these window covers than a boost in security and privacy.

Utmost Reliability

Being out on trips isn’t the only time when automatic blinds show their true worth. Let’s say you’re out on a well-deserved date with your soulmate, and you decide to prolong the duration because you’re enjoying the time you have in each other’s company away from distractions. And this happens to be the time when the sun shines directly on your precious hardwood floors and furniture. You won’t have to let the UV rays be the party breakers, as you can easily operate the shades from your smartphone, closing them down whenever needed.

Increased Safety

If you’ve shared your home with children and pets, you know how important it is to do some childproofing and pet-proofing. Blind cords can become a serious threat to curious little hands and paws, leading to some serious injury, so why risk it and constantly have this risk in your mind when you’re not around to watch them for a minute when you can live stress-free when window treatments are concerned with the cordless motorised blinds solution.

Unmatched Convenience

This may not be the case with everyone, but for those who have windows in not that easy-to-reach areas, having an automated version can more than make for seamless operation. Whether it’s high windows, skylights, or awkward spaces where you wouldn’t be able to get a hold of the cord that easily, the motorised option is ideal.

Convenience is also a given when you simply don’t feel like handling the blinds at the moment. One example I can think of is when you’re enjoying a film with the family, and you get so much in the story that when the sun starts to interfere with your view none of you wants to get up and deal with the cord. It’s also a way to control the light when you could do with a little longer stay in bed in the morning.

Enhanced Energy-Efficiency

For those who try to do their best to implement a sustainable lifestyle, like we do in our family, you resort to every solution that seems to lower your energy consumption. As a result, it’s a surefire way of lowering the bills too, which is exactly what you get with the remote blinds as they help with two crucial aspects: insulation, and light control.

With just a few buttons, you can operate and choose the ideal part of the day to have the shades up to let as much natural light in as possible, which could heat up (in the colder days) and light up the home without you having to rely on artificial sources.

Increased Value

Regardless of whether you’re planning on moving out and selling the home eventually, knowing this is a feature that could increase the value of the property altogether is sure something to think about as a worthy long-term investment. Smart homes are popular, and so are all the features that are part of this smart home system.

Especially if we consider how much they boost the quality of life, and make it simpler. Not to mention, the designs of such blinds nowadays are so aesthetic, that you’d also be able to count on a boost in the overall appeal of the home, both on the outside and on the inside. Aesthetics may not be your priority when it comes to window treatments, but it certainly comes out as a welcome bonus.