Baby Items: Sharing with Other Mamas is Caring

Mamas, I know you hear this a lot, and it might sound like cliché by now, but it really is so: babies grow up so fast, you have to soak up and enjoy the baby phase while you can, every minute of it!

The sleepless nights, the cries, the teething pains, diaper changing, cleaning up vomits and dealing with fever makes it all sound awful, and I’m not saying it’s not at times, but it’s all part of motherhood.

When I was experiencing all of this I wished it would be over soon, both with Ethan and Noah, yet it all happens in the blink of an eye that I find myself now wishing to go back in time and experience it over again. Why isn’t time travel available?!

The baby smell, the cuddles, the first tooth, the first words are all moments to cherish forever, moments I recall from the baby items that I’ve come to buy over the years, items that I decided to part with as they were left behind, taking up space.

baby items

As I’ve already mentioned in previous posts, we tend to live a sustainable lifestyle, eliminating clutter and cutting down on waste, so I figured being attached to all the items that I neither use nor need wasn’t doing me any good.

From digital pediatric scale and changing tops, to bath table, carrier, stroller and some of the plush toys my sons no longer play with were just stuff someone else would find useful which is why I made the decision to pass them over to those who need them, like relatives, friends, friends of friends.

As these are basic things, I know I’ll be helping with a year or two of a baby’s life. If you can’t find someone to borrow the baby items from my advice is to at least purchase them online, preferably from retail stores that offer great deals so you can have a convenient purchasing experience and save up like I did.

I already miss them more than I’d imagined I would but it makes me happy to think I get to spread and share the joy I myself felt using these items. On top of that, I got to recycle, something the new me highly appreciates and values.

Besides, it would look hypocritical of me to be preaching recycling and sustainability to my sons and not applying it myself; this way I get to be the example they need!