woman riding evolve electric skateboard

Immerse Yourself in the World of Electric Skateboards with Evolve

There’s no doubt electricity has made the world a better place ever since Tesla and Edison made their contributions. However, the role of electricity in this respect is far from over if we also consider the latest trends in electric vehicles. It’s all about greener energy, greater speed, and greater convenience.

Still, if you’ve wanted to move past the traffic jam problem, there’s another practical electric solution in the form of a skateboard. Let me tell you, before the COVID-19 pandemic, I never much liked skateboarding, to begin with. But after going through lockdowns and quarantines, it became a mission to find the ideal toy the whole family could interact with and benefit from.

Our Electric Skateboard Journey

Now, as you might expect, this toy turned out to be the skateboard. Sure, we had our share of fun with the RC cars hobby, but we needed something that would also provide us with a workout. The electric skateboard just happened to be something my son and husband agreed on as opposed to my suggestion of going for really long walks. Two against one, it’s obvious who won right?

After some discussions about brands, prices, models, and decks, we decided to take a pick from the Evolve skateboard range, as we heard they’re designed for performance. Lo and behold, I’m now the one who enjoys it as much (if not more!) – and I recommend more families include it in their daily lives. Seriously, you can’t imagine how much fun it is to head out on a skateboarding trip with your loved ones.

evolve skateboard
Source: theverge.com

Why Electric Skateboards?

Simply because they’re operated by batteries, making them much cooler and more efficient than your regular skateboards. If you spend most of your time covering long distances, you’d appreciate how fast they help you arrive from point A to point B. This saves you considerable time which nowadays is a true luxury. You can spend your extra time on anything, be it chores, relaxing, pampering, or having fun with your boo and kiddos.

If you’re like me (or rather the old me) and have doubts, you may be wondering “Are electric skateboards good exercise?”. The great news is yes, they are! The longer you travel with them, the more calories you burn. Not to mention all the other benefits you can reap, like not overworking your muscles yet still exercising them, mastering your balance and body coordination.

One thing I’m especially fond of for having our top-notch Evolve skateboard is being able to do our bit for the environment as a family. It’s inspired us to cut down our carbon footprint by giving up the car for two days a week and relying solely on the skateboard. Of course, it’s not always easy to do so, which is why we choose days when we’re not shopping. But, you get the hang of it and the more you roll the more you enjoy it.

In terms of benefits for the kids, these boards are much easier to balance and ride on so they’re perfect for beginners and safety. If you get a board of Evolve you get a design that’s made for instant power, smooth acceleration, and perfect braking performance. They’re also pretty lightweight, so they’re piece of cake to store away and even carry. If kids ever find themselves having to carry the boards, you can rest assured they won’t be dealing with heavy loads.

electric skateboard
Source: autonomy.paris

Why Evolve?

Well, for starters, because it’s an Australian brand and we like the thought of helping out local and national brands thrive. Especially, when it’s a brand dominating the high-performance e-board market in the country and worldwide. The vast range of Evolve skateboards includes designs that come with remotes to pair your board with Bluetooth.

This offers more control over the rides, as you have insight into the diagnostic data. Specifically, you can change the riding modes and control the speed, braking and acceleration. So, at the click of a few buttons, you get optimal efficiency and a customised ride. Depending on the skill level, plus the speed and range you intend to cover, you can choose from the different series, such as GTR, GTX, GT, the bamboo range, and Stoke.

Except for the Stoke, the rest of the series come in three versions: street, all-terrain, and 2-in-1. The main differences are in the wheels, with the last one offering you the chance to equip the board with either the street or all-terrain wheels kit. You also get to choose between the bamboo and carbon boards, with the first offering more grip. In the end, however, it all comes down to personal preference!