Moving: The Power of Fragile Tape for Items That Require Special Care

I sometimes catch myself talking to close friends, clients, or simply reading online forums, unable to understand why, oh why do some people always seem to choose the hard way. Especially when it comes to moving their belongings into a new home. I feel the instant urge to shout: Do the math! It really isn’t that expensive to hire professional help or ask for professional advice – after all, this is a rather hard task to handle which will cost you a lot more if you don’t do it right.

When I went through my first move, I did my research and took the organization part quite seriously. As a result, everything went as smoothly as it possibly could and I also learned a thing or two. Since I’ve already discussed organization and preparation, now I want to concentrate on one very specific, yet very interesting and important detail: the packing tape.

Packing Tape

I want to believe every housewife owns at least one packing tape in the drawer where she keeps tools for handling small house problems. This would most likely be a brown or a clear tape. This item is unbelievably useful around the house and in the garden for sticking stuff together and even for closing holes. However, what the packing tape is most useful for is closing boxes, full of things that either you need to move to another place or take to the basement for storage.

Now, besides the brown and clear tape which are obviously very convenient; there’s another type of tape that can do wonders for you: the fragile tape. When you want to store glasses, glass pieces, glass decorations, lighting products made of glass and similar fragile stuff, you need to wrap them in some paper, foam or something similar, place them in a box and close it with fragile tape.

The fragile tape is pretty much an ordinary tape for closing boxes. The difference is that it has ‘fragile’ written over it, which indicates the content inside the box should be handled with utmost care. Regardless of whether you decide to hire professionals or go with the DIY approach, this tape will help you distinguish what you have stored in your boxes at the very end of the process.

There are so many other types of tape on the market for almost every requirement. Which means, you need to research the matter thoroughly before you spend your money on anything. And finally, even though you’ll have the tape on your disposal, that doesn’t mean you’re a professional mover or a Superwoman; let go of your pride and call the pros.