Finding the Right Mattress: Gather the Pearls of Wisdom from My Experience

I was waking up tired and with a constant feeling as if a train had hit me for months, so I realized it was time for a new mattress. But when my husband and I visited our local store, we realized we had more options than we thought which only made our choice more difficult.

The only thing that we didn’t have to worry about, was the size of the mattress because we decided we were going to keep our existing bed as it matches perfectly our room décor. But still, there were a lot of other things to consider. Should we get an innerspring, a hybrid mattress, a foam or a pillow top mattress? How could we know which one was the best for us? The vendor at the store did try to convince us that a memory foam mattress was the right choice, but I wasn’t sure whether he was right or just trying to sell me his most expensive mattress.

So, we went home to find out what other people were saying online. While the vendor was right about all the great features of the memory foam mattress, he didn’t tell us that foam mattresses tend to make you feel warmer at night (which was a problem for my husband). After reading the features of different types of mattresses, we came to the conclusion that a pocket sprung mattress was the right choice for us. Although it does not mold the body shape the same way like a foam one does, when it comes to support, both are on the same level. Plus, a pocket sprung mattress doesn’t get warm.

Another important thing that we’ve learned while searching mattress online was that buying from online retailers could save us a great amount of money as queen mattress size Australia retailers usually offer better deals as well as a better range of mattress models. Our new mattress was delivered to our doorstep in no time! Here is summary from what I learned during my mattress shopping experience.

  • Shopping online is convenient and can help you save a great amount of money. Just make sure you choose a reliable retailer that sells queen mattress size Australia wide without charging much for delivery.

  • Focus on your needs. Remember that even the most expensive mattress won’t give you a good night’s sleep if it is not right for your body. Since you won’t be able to lay on the mattress when shopping online, do like I did – visit a local store to try different types of mattress and then order the one you like best online.

  • Read customer reviews online like I did to gain a better understanding of the features of certain models and narrow down your choices.