sleeper sofa

Sleeper Sofa: A Comfortable Guest Accommodation That Converts in a Pinch

It’s an often neglected piece of furniture because we tend to concentrate so much on the appearance of the living room furnishing as a whole; the large sofa, the additional smaller sofa chairs, the coffee table. And we pay too much attention to the looks of each piece while completely neglecting the fact that what is generally so beautiful and eye-appealing, isn’t always very practical. But, that’s the point of it; a large living room seating set isn’t designed to be practical, but eye-appealing, stylish, modern and urge your guests to drop their jaws when they enter your home. Call me superficial, but that’s the reality.

However, when guests do come over and accept the fact that you have an amazing taste in choosing furniture and designing your interior (which naturally is going to be done by a professional like me), you’re going to have to offer them a place to sleep. And if you’re not smart and prepared enough, this is a situation that’s not going to be very pleasant. Speaking from experience, allowing your guests to sleep on your perfect, expensive living room sofa is everything but smart and generous – you’ll end up cranky guests with back pain and damaged upholstery. So, allow me to present to you the right piece of furniture you should have in your house: the sleeper sofa.

A sleeper sofa is a slightly smaller type of seating furniture which normally isn’t used as the main furniture element of a living room. This is mainly the type of furniture you place in a guest room because you don’t want to limit the use of the space by using a bed. The sleeper sofa can easily be transformed in a bed for sleeping for two people, so comfort is pretty much guaranteed. The market is full of amazing examples of sleeper sofas, and after doing some research, I’ve picked a few that can be a great contribution to your guest room:

The Siesta Sofa Bed in White

This definitely isn’t your ordinary sleeper sofa. It’s not as big and it doesn’t come with that eye-soaring box underneath the seat. On the contrary, it has a solid mattress that can easily fold down into a sleeping position as a double bed. And its design is just amazing; it will do a perfect contribution to a room with elegant décor pattern, a nice medium large coffee table and a few good decorations, among which the most important: a tray with scented candles.

The Bora Bora Sofa Bed

There really isn’t much difference in the mechanism with the Siesta Sofa bed. This one also folds down into a sleeping position as a double bed, it’s just that this one is a little more modern in its design. It comes in a very versatile colour pattern and reflects a contemporary style. It’s the type of sofa you’d get if you want the guest room to be more lively and vibrant. Here you have the chance to use a lot of wooden elements, candles, lively wall pictures and similar decorative elements.

And If You Don’t Have a Guest Room…

A lot of people don’t have that extra room to transform it into a guest room. People who live in apartments or small houses simply can’t afford the space for it. For those cases, you’ll just have to improvise with your living room which can result in something stylish and practical at the same time. Now, you may not have the luxury of a living room seating set made entirely of expensive leather but you can do combinations:

The Diorama Classic Fabric Sofa + The Twilight Sleeper Sofa

Here you have two sofas that are completely different in style and design, but combined can contribute towards an amazing ambiance. The Diorama Classic sofa would definitely be your leading element since it’s of a more complex design, which means you’ll lean towards the classic, sleek lines room décor. The Twilight Sleeper sofa is of simpler design, meaning it has no complex decorative lines to dictate its style. As such, it can be decorated as to complement the Diorama and the rest of the room décor. You can add pillows or blankets to fit the overall colour pattern. And the best thing is, the difference would be hard to notice, and you’d have an extra bed for when your guests come over.