3D Printing: Taking Interior Design to a New Level

Technology is everywhere around us, and while there are those of us against all the advancements, there are those more than willing to accept them. Regardless of which group you find yourself in, the fact most of these advancements simplify our lives is undeniable.

I never considered myself much of a tech-savvy person, but I’ve always caught up on trends easily mostly because I’ve found them to come in handy. The latest from the tech world I’ve become obsessed with is 3D printing and the opportunities that arise from this technology. All I need is relying on my printer, 3d print supplies, and wait to be amazed by the result.

Of course, now that I got the gist of it, I don’t only pile up on filaments and lubricants when it comes to supplies, but every now and then I look into the options of kits that appear on the market, allowing me to upgrade the printing at higher temperatures and work with different materials.

I know, it might sound like quite the investment, it did so to me as well but that was before I got my printer. Not only are the printer and 3d print supplies a valuable investment, they’ve actually been more than helpful with my job making for groundbreaking changes in the designs, taking interior décors to a new level.

Yes, this technology isn’t anything new since it emerged almost 30 years ago, but it’s only recently people in the interior design business started reaping the benefits, and let me tell you, there are many. I can create my projects, then immediately have them printed out which means it’s easier than ever to customise products on demand.

This is great news for people, like some clients I’ve had the chance to come across, who are more than happy to have objects in their interior that are one-of-a-kind, giving them unique décors not so easy to copy. Moreover, I can print out the designs and show them to the clients, far better than simply showing them drawings as before.

While I’ve had my share with creating fun cutlery, pots, decorating pieces and knobs for furniture, I’ve seen a great deal of inspiration from 3D products in the likes of lighting fixtures and even furniture motivating me to buy a bigger printer in the near future and start making bigger interior pieces.

What I love about this technology is there is freedom to use a variety of materials, mix and match, make for eco-friendly options, and come up with versatile shapes, structures of quality, exactly the way I or my clients imagined.

Besides, I get to be the cool mum in Matthew’s eyes as I print out some toys for him – the perfect way to try out my skills, the printer, the supplies before I get to print out design items.