Mattress Protector: Protect Your Mattress and Achieve Happy, Healthy Sleep

As someone who takes sleeping time very seriously, it’s no wonder I’ve spend the past two days reading and researching the online stores for mattress products. When we first moved in our house, me and my husband devoted ourselves to finding the perfect mattress for our bedroom and for Matthew’s crib because we strongly believe that a good night’s sleep is what half of one’s health consists. And after spending a fortune on a mattress that comprises every quality, from soft, good material and anti-allergenic, it would be a shame not to get the extras.

I stumbled upon something called a mattress protector – it’s a bed cover made of some sort of rubbery material and it serves to protect the mattress from stains, dust mites and other potential allergens. And these things are real, even though we don’t see them, those small troublemakers thrive on our pillows and the sheets. So after doing an extensive research on the matter, I made a rather unquestionable decision to buy one. And now I recommend it to all my clients, especially to those who suffer from mild insomnias and germophobia because of the many benefits it brings.

Dust mites – stay away!
I found out about dust mites only recently – they’re these nasty microscopic creatures that thrive in every home and especially in beds. They feed on dead skin cells, dust and excreted oils, or at least the mix from it and as such can cause severe allergies and disrupt your sleep big time. It’s not because they bite or something, but because the idea of sleeping with them is as disgusting as it can possibly get. And I am not ready to share the bed with anyone (or anything for that matter) else except my husband.


Breakfast in bed – the mess-free way
Everyone likes to be spoiled once in a while; pancakes with cream made by your husband and a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice right after a good morning kiss is a very appealing idea. However, if the juice ends up on your mattress, it’s going to be impossible to clean and the entire experience stops being so pleasant. The sole idea of you having to clean and possibly even replace the mattress you paid so much for, is enough to ruin your entire day. A good mattress protector comes with a waterproof barrier that doesn’t let liquids penetrate through. Think about it.

Clean sleeping – check
The mattress protector is washable, which is very important to people who pay way too much attention to hygene, such as myself. You know how you sweat, cough, snore and excrete oils from your hair and skin at night? All that amount of dead skin cells ends up on your mattress and stays there for good; if not cleaned that is. Now, you can’t wash a mattress simply because it’s not designed to be washed. But you can do it with the protector. Since this cover can be easily taken off, you just put it in the machine and wash it with detergent – as simple as that.

Finally, people who suffer from asthma are generally very sensitive to mattress critters. The environment they should live and breath in has to be extremely clean and desinfected, which is exactly what this protectors provides. Bottom line is, the mattress isn’t a product you can throw away and replace every now and then. It’s an important and rather big investment, which by default means it’s bought to last. The mattress protector is designed to provide you with the opportunity to prolong the life of your mattress.