Home Improvements: Taking Care of Bathroom Décor & Storage

Though there’s always room for improvement with home décor, we don’t always have the budget to back up our ideas and plans. I’m not that much into keeping up the pace with all the trends that appear, mostly because I dictate my own style, yet I can’t help but want to spice up the décor with a few changes every now and then.

After feeling like the hallway could do well with a new console table, the living room with a new bookcase and coffee table, and the bathroom with some storage upgrades, with my husband and sons we unanimously agreed on the last one. Everyone complained that the bathroom lacked enough space to store their stuff in an organised and accessible manner. So, just like that, my home décor project turned into a bathroom décor project with a focus on storage.

Bathroom decor project storage focus

Prudent Use of Wall Space with Shelving

It doesn’t matter if you’ve got a bathroom the size of a closet or one where you can fit a bathtub, shower cubicle, seating, and the secret entrance to Narnia, truth is you can benefit from the addition of a practical and stylish bathroom shelf (or should I say shelves!)

We have a medium-size bathroom, neither too small nor too big, but it can get cramped sometimes with the items of all four of us mixed together, so we were definitely in need of such a solution. To give you an idea, my essential oils and body care products used to be placed in the same drawer with my husband’s shaving products along with our sons’ things.

practical and stylish bathroom shelf

Shelving in Abundance

Nowadays, it’s not too difficult to find bathroom shelving that impresses with style as much as with functionality! What I love about shelving is the fact it doesn’t take up any floor space – you can add it anywhere you see fit, even in some unused corner right above bathroom fittings like the toilet. Also, you’re in for a treat when choosing from the vast array of bathroom shelves in terms of materials, styles, colours and finishes.

The pair of glass shelves with brushed nickel we got for my items and those of my husband amaze with the ergonomic contour and timeless appeal. They also easily fit in with our existing style as they have a finish that goes well with that of the vanity knobs and the hooks. Not to mention, they make for a great match for the towel shelf we added at the door too (perfect for a couple of tiny pots with succulents, as well as the smaller glass corner shelves by the bathtub for the kids.


People who feel in need of even more storage pieces could certainly use the help of shower niches (which happen to be easier to install nowadays) and bathtub caddies depending on the way you prefer displaying your toiletries.

I personally find the caddy a great addition and like it as much as the bathroom shelf storage since it provides plenty of room for the bathing essentials. In case you enjoy soaking up while grabbing a bite, taking a sip of your favourite red wine and catching up on your series, there’s room for snacks, drinks and a tablet PC too!

bath caddy with wine

Prudent Choice of Décor Pieces

When I say this I mean every piece you add to the bathroom should be thought of from the storage perspective, especially if you have a small space to work with.

The Mirror

Though we loved our previous round mirror, we figured it would be better to replace it with one that’s got a cabinet with lots of compartments for the rest of our toiletries, some of the medicines, and spare toothbrushes and toothpaste.

Luckily, the options are versatile so you can choose from mirrors made of various materials, with or without lights, and hooks for further storage. You can bet ours is with LED lights, a feature the boys appreciate in particular because it saves them from the fear of scary monsters that might be lurking in the dark of the night when they go use the toilet.

led mirror cabinet

The Trays

Fans of trays who want to add a tray more than the one already on the vanity cabinet can use up the space on top of the toilet to inject a dose of practicality and stylishness. If you don’t like the idea of having items so close to the toilet, you don’t have to put anything hygiene-related, like toothbrushes. Just use it for other bits of décor – could be a frame, a colourful print or even some flowers to fill up the space with liveliness. I change the flowers daily, so every day we’ve got a new scent and colour to marvel at!

The Hooks

As part of the hardware, hooks can be useful for a lot of items that you can leave in the bathroom hanging. Besides towels, clothing and plants, feel free to use them also for hanging your appliances on them (e.g. hairdryer, curling iron, shaver). I love the fact such storage makes it possible to have these items always on hand.